Cathie Wood has been quietly amassing enormous Tesla position

Cathie Wood has been quietly amassing enormous Tesla position

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30 gedachten over “Cathie Wood has been quietly amassing enormous Tesla position”

  1. Who keeps giving Cathie Wood money to invest. Who is she borrowing from. She clearly knows nothing

  2. I sort of wonder if Elon and others may have worked to lower the share price. Just sayin'

  3. For what it is worth, while I think Cathie Wood is a poser and should be ignored, I do think Tesla is a great company to invest in at these levels. The issue is really one of making your dollars go as far as they can when buying in, meaning trying to get at least within a few months of the bottom. And that is a tall order.

    This is the type of investing I do best… buying good companies that have been knocked down for a multi-year hold. But I gotta say, it requires discipline and nerves of steel to watch something continue to go down after one has bought into it. Even though that is what is expected, since calling actual bottoms consistently is basically impossible. Most so-called investors just can't do it and wind up being traders (or worse, day-traders) instead, with relatively poor outcomes.

    Good luck whatever and whenever!

  4. I am not sure if many read Paul Krugman, a Nobel prize winning economist. He has written a column today in the NYT about the value of Tesla.
    He argues successful tech companies like Microsoft and Apple dominate their industry by enmeshing you in their products. It is hard to leave their closed ecosystem and even if their products are ordinary, people continue to buy.
    Tesla has no such networking ability. A Tesla owner can replace it with a new brand so Tesla sales depends on having superior models for years to come. That is a difficult task, given the number and resources of auto manufacturers. Being one manufacturer among many competitors means its current valuation, based on continuing growth, is still probably too high.

  5. Great video. I recently bought more TSLA. Let s see when it turns around, and I buy even more.

  6. TSLA down again today, a whopping 11.41%. Hmmm… Ms. Wood should have waited a bit longer! We are hearing that customers with Tesla orders are canceling because of Musk's politics. Musk cannot afford to be the polarizing figure he is right now, if he wants TSLA to succeed as a stock. Maybe Tesla's Board will step in (not holding my breath).

  7. HaHa! Tesla is such a bargain at the moment. Right now I've got enough free funds for 4 shares in my account. I'm just hanging on to see if I can get 5 – it's a case of how low will it go!. Cathy's gonna make a fuggn mint!

  8. Do people really argue that PHEVs are fully electric??? I don't understand where they're coming from.

  9. You really have to be naive to believe that Tesla is a Tech company, and poor Cathie, she is down 15% in 2 days with her last Tesla shares.

  10. So Cathy is buying and reducing her cost basis . I have been doing the same , hard to watch a stock that you liked at $270 now be worth $110 . Do I believe in TESLA yes will I buy more down here maybe , but one has to ask do you wait for it to go sub $100 ? .. When more funds realise its a bargain down here it will go up , but they don't say we are going to buy more in a few days . As the year ends you find tax selling and Window dressing at funds , along with Margin calls etc . But as one "expert" said if the market drop a lot because of recession fears Tesla will drop , I remember hearing this about 3 months ago . Just he was right .
    Buy Tesla but be prepared for it to drop more , if you cannot then don't do it , simple really

  11. This is not true lol. ARK funds held more than 16% in tesla at one point. But recently they have been liquidating the stock and now tsla moved 2nd place to 5th or 6th position in their portfolio.

  12. I think Elon is doing all this on purpose, to force the price of the stock down, so he can do a massive buy back before he rolls out new products.

  13. I bought before the crash… i still have funds available but honestly can't handle the stress lmao

  14. Only reason I don’t want to buy a Tesla is because someone might think I believe climate change BS

  15. The irony is those holding tesla stocks can't buy tesla cars but rooting for Tesla to sell more cars…lol

  16. The media talks about how overvalue Tesla is now and supposedly back it with car sales numbers. But all cars sales are off and what about the battery, solar panel and virtual power plant business Tesla currently is the leader in? That part of the business is only going to grow massively as well.

  17. Maybe these days we see the selloff in Tesla Shares but may I remember my statement "Never catch a falling knife" that I released mid December on this channel when I watched a buy recommendation at a price of around $150. Today we were sub $100😉and this seems at least a decent short term buy opportunity. But that doesn't help those who bought far above and who have already caught the knife.

  18. I agree with everything you said, except at the very end, where you think must is going to slow down on his tweets. I do not think he cares about the effects. But I hope I am wrong and you’re right.

  19. I just buy the inverse of anything Cathie Woods buys. enjoy bankruptcy
    She's the worst money manager out there and all you need to do is do the opposite.

  20. David Beppler, in answer to your questions, it can do 0-60MPH in 3.5 seconds, a little over 100MPH Max.
    There are 4 battery options 250 miles, 400 miles, 600 miles or 1000 miles all lasting at least 10 years.
    Aptera has a right to repair policy and they will send instruction and parts to repair any problem.
    It will have level 2 self driving as an option.
    It should be extreemly safe, testing in the next 6 months will prove that.
    There will be an option for a third seet that you could put a child or small adult in.
    Sandy Monroe, an industry insider says this will be a game changer, as big a the ModelT, VW Beatle or Minni have been. It is allready scheduled to go into production next year in the US and EU, other sites will follow.

  21. What do you think about the news showing huge 6 hour queues for Tesla charge stations here in UK?
    It looks quite negative for anyone wanting to purchase a Tesla as there clearly isn't enough charging stations available for the demand.

  22. If she is buying it means its going to 60 dollars..its when she stops buying the stock will go up

  23. The ARK Innovation Fund has lost around 67% year to date, more than tripling the decline of the S&P 500 index (.SPX). Its tumble has made it the worst-performing among all 537 U.S. mid-cap growth funds and put it near the bottom of all U.S. equity funds tracked by Morningstar, according to the firm's Dec. 16 ranking.

  24. trying to time the bottom not lookimg at the findamentals is costly
    she is learning it now.

  25. Tiny detail, iron phosphate.
    I agree with you but I'm just out of the woods, nearly, on solving my bad time margin on TSLA to buy TSLA so bad timing for me. It's a shame. My friends that check history and macro a lot say there's gonna be further lows to invest in 2023. I'm not sure I agree but not be best time to buy for me personally. If it wasn't for the margin problem I'd be piling up big time! Maybe I will soon if possible.

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