Cathie Wood FLIPS OUT: Urgent Warning (Sheโ€™s MAD AF)

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0:00 Intro
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1:24 Cathie Wood FLIPS OUT: Urgent Warning (Sheโ€™s MAD AF)

In this video, Cathie Wood is MAD. I mean really ****ing mad. So MAD sheโ€™s unleashed on the FED with an urgent warning of impending disaster. Cathieโ€™s message is simple: WAKE UP YOU FUKCING FOOLS, YOUโ€™RE GOING TO BLOW EVERYTHING UP. LISTEN TO ME BEFORE ITโ€™S TOO LATE.

The question is, are they listening?

I have never seen Cathie Wood so fired up. Itโ€™s almost as if sheโ€™s been taking lessons from the SMR school of savagery. This is serious business. Pay attention.

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As always, in this video Iโ€™m just sharing my thinking process and my reasoning. Keep using your own brain. Donโ€™t be a sheep. ๐Ÿ‘

I love you all,

p.s. Share your thoughts below. I read ALL your comments.

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30 gedachten over “Cathie Wood FLIPS OUT: Urgent Warning (Sheโ€™s MAD AF)”

  1. Ever seen Cathie so FIRED UP? She mad AF.
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  2. I think the govt needs to find other ways to fight inflation other than just increasing rates. Kind like trying to kill mice with a wrecking ball

  3. People looking only at the economy will easily miss the point why the FED is doing this: China assets are often financed by USD, increasing the interest rates will put the china economy under huge pressure (which it already is). Once china starts tumbling the FED will lower the rates again to boost the US economy and exploit the weekend china economy for more market power. Sometimes economic arguments are not enough – its all about political power ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  4. Theyre doing it on purpose OF COURSE! They literally engineer BOOM and BUST cycles. END THE FED.

  5. I think Cathie Wood is a kook, but she is exactly right here. Even a stopped clock…

  6. FWIW, Jim Cramer says that raising interest rates right now will help the economy. That pretty much proves that it's the wrong thing to do.

  7. They're going too far probably but they're doing it not just for inflation but also to make money for the federal government. once it stabilizes if they don't go too far (and they are) more people will buy bonds because the 30-year rate and others is higher, and the feds can make money on the rate of borrowing helping to pay off alll this U.S. debt. They will also have more wiggle room in the future if they have to lower rates to stimulate the economy. No way to lower rates if they're at 0. The problem is the idiots are trying to actually kill the economy in order to do it.

  8. They know what their doing, they just donโ€™t give a fuck about anyone as they sold all their positions along time ago. They have nothing to loose and have gained more from this pandemic than us normal people.

  9. Cathieโ€™s nervous because a lot of the unprofitable speculative trash sheโ€™s invested in likely canโ€™t survive in a higher interest rate environment.

    โ€œCathie is really f-ing mad! She mad!โ€ Okay bud lol

  10. Imaging spending Investor's money on MEME stocks, loosing 80%, and then have the audacity to tell anyone else they are wrong on anything economically.

  11. Powell was promoted to Chairman by Trump so this is probably planned to coincide with Fossil Fuel caused inflation. Powell knows raising interest rates will slow down the adoption of Sustainable energy helping his Fossil fuel friends. Watch Trump Blame Biden and claim we should be drilling our way out of this man-made caused inflation

  12. Why do people listen to this woman? ARKK is down 70% on the year.

  13. How could anyone think this is an oversight at this point? Obviously intentional.

  14. Raising internet rates is a tool to keep people poor and desperate so that have to work.. lots of people mad a ton of money through stocks and real estate and want to retire.. this is a way to scare people stay at their jobs since we have a massive labor shortage

  15. A twenty five minute video to say the words Transitory.

    That word Transitory is why the fed is ignoring what Cathie Wood is saying, because they have tried that and didn't work.

  16. Of course she's upset. She's going out of business. Her being upset doesn't mean she's right. There hasn't been a recession in far too long. We were long overdue for one. They are a normal part of the business cycle. Housing prices were BEYOND insane. They needed to come back to reality. You should read some more Milton Freedman. Inflation is ALWAYS a monetary phenomenon. Are you upset because your "buy the dip" videos didn't age so well?

  17. If you think the people at the Fed are stupid and they're doing things by accident, you don't know their plan. They're intentionally destroying the money and they're replacing it with a global system called Central Bank Digital Currency. It's a smart contract system that they can control.

  18. They fuqed up by allowing the stock market to become so bloated. The market has to shrink back to normal levels by not feeding the bull market. And giving free money to the large banks at very low to no interest rates.

  19. Hey you know a lot about Tesla inside and out, but you know almost nothing, and I mean zero about macroeconomics and how that impacts the stock market. Tool

  20. Ummm! Actually you made the mistakes with your horrible portfolio. It's human nature to blame everyone but yourself. This is classic narcissistic behavior.

  21. Interest rates are not the only thing the FED is doing. They are also reducing the money supply, by reversing the quantitative easing policy. this is pretty much all they had to do, but with these together, that is why there will be a recession. He is also reacting to what folks were saying late last year regarding that he is letting inflation get out of control. And the dollar is off the charts, way, way too high. Japan rate is the same as the 80's when they flooded the market with cars. Just hope TSLA doesn't get hit more.

  22. The mistake was lowering the interest rates in the first place. The US taxpayer should not be the world's piggy bank. Get rid of that corpo welfare crap and let the market decide what interest rates should look like.

  23. Isn't a 54% increase year-on-year for used car prices actually massive? I wouldn't mind if the prices went back down personally…

  24. Meh. Rates have to go up. Yes it will be brutal but we spent money like stupid so now weโ€™re paying the bill.

  25. Think! Why would they want to destroy the economy. There's is a reason. Who benefits? If destroying the economy hurts the middle class it must help the wealthy. The wealthy make Hugh amounts of profits.

  26. Do we expect anything different ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Anyone with a head that works in finance policy saw flooding the market with money. Taking trillions out. Keeping rates low would lead to disastrous results. Obviously they donโ€™t care to want to run a โ€œgreat economyโ€. They want to do what they do ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  27. Dude Cathy Woods is a moron. What are you doing even following her. You're hanging on her words like she's some financial genius. This channel is a lost cause. Yeah the fed was making a mistake, if you couldn't see that during 2021, you must have really had your head buried in the sand. All I got to say is I would not listen to Cathy Woods

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