Cathie Wood Explains Why Stocks Keep Crashing

laatste update: 06-2022

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February 12th, 2021. Itโ€™s all-out mania in the stock markets. Meme stocks, SPACโ€™s, AMC, and Gamestop are the center of the world. Within all of this speculation, a new face representing these wild companies emerges out of nowhere. Cathy Wood. Her investment ETF (ARKK) better known as the ARK innovation fund, is a representation of the speculation occurring at that time. On that day nearly one year ago, ARKK found itself up about 320% from the pandemic lows just 8 months prior. Cathy Wood was now at the center of attention on wall street. But what happens next is both sad and expected.

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  1. Well, one thing is for sure, with liberal politicians allowing criminals to roam free and handcuffing law enforcement the "sheltering in place" philosophy may be on point.

  2. I think what Kathy is trying to say is we're going to see devlation in the markets first we saw a record amount of sell-off Q3 Q4 and the beginning of q1 this year.

    We are also starting to see retirement pensions get liquidated because people that retired in the past hour years I realized and I can't retire cuz inflation according to Shadow stats 2021 finished off at 30% of real adjusted average inflation.

    For 6.9% inflation at the federal government reports you're going to have to remove grocery inflation fuel pump inflation car prices and a few other large indicators to make that work.

    So if she means transitory as in a market cycle what is a market cycle 4 to 8 years? Seeing a crash early in January makes me concerned because looking at the previous market crashes we tend to crash the hardest around March.

    The S&p 500 was barely able to beat real inflation which was 30% by less than a percent.

  3. You people MHFIN think you know what is going on, but the truth is you don't know because you don't know what Brandumb will screw up next. This is for sure a dip in the market, but yall should not bash anyone because nobody has a crystal ball.

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