Cathie Wood Destroys Tesla Analysts + Talks Stock Market Crash

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In this video I have made a supercut of highlights of Cathie Wood discussing automotive analysts who shouldn’t be covering Tesla stock and have no idea what they are doing, the stock market crash, growth stocks, innovation, contrarians thinking when investing, expected future returns, and more about Tesla.


0:00 Intro
2:07 Exclusive Content, Perks, Free Stocks & Crypto
2:51 Cathie Wood On Tesla Analysts, Volatility, Stock Market Crash

As always, in this video I’m just sharing my thinking process and my reasoning. Keep using your own brain. Don’t be a sheep. πŸ‘

I love you all,

p.s. Share your thoughts below. I read ALL your comments.

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30 gedachten over “Cathie Wood Destroys Tesla Analysts + Talks Stock Market Crash”

  1. Do you feel sad when your stock(s) get rekt?
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  2. Youtubers like Dave Lee and Mark Ryan have a basis of < $50, and < $208 in TSLA stock. So their perspective is different from people who bought at recent prices. If they had to face loss of capital they would be having different conversations.

  3. Five to ten years, change is happening so quickly now more than 10 years out is totally unpredictable

  4. when stock is down , if you got cash then buy else hold

  5. Apart from Tesla my portfolio has good companies, however have been red all this year. This is my first year of investing and have been down 35% in the March/April sell off, and now down 17% in this sell off. I work hard for my money, so investing is making me a nervous sad reck. I don't know if I should sell everything and just sit and wait.

  6. Seems like collusion based on greed may have played some roll in this story rather than ignorance and incomptance.

  7. The real issue with Tesla is quality control and their service experience. If they could innovate those two things the way they innovated the automobile they would be unstoppable.

  8. It was too late when Sandy Munro called the ball the first tear down of a Tesla. It was way too late after Sandy looked at the second one and he got to see how much iteration had taken place. Then the octavalve showed up.

  9. 57x Bull case? That’s Tesla being valued at 55 trillion dollars market cap before considering dilution. If Tesla owns solely the self driving market, the manufacturing market, the robot that cleans your house, and inflation degrades the dollar by 5x then it is definitely possible. Biggest risk is AI being able to handle L5 autonomy and robots in 10 years. Once we see a house sized computer with that intelligence, then we’ll need at least 10 years to lower size/cost. I enjoy your channel!

  10. Steven, I love the review you did on some of those dim wit clueless analysis idiots on Tesla. I was laughing my a** off at what you said. Well done. I fully agree with you. Keep up the great work that you do! Sincerely, a long time investor of Tesla.

  11. will be a lifelong investor. Current portfolio is 100% EV exposed with a 10+ year time horizon

  12. Newb here, have just recently become in a position to invest, have been following your channel for months now and luckily the stock price hasn’t gone up and stayed up. Just bought my first ever shares and they’re all in on Tesla, bought 22 of them for $905ish. Now I can relax and look forward to the earnings call in a couple of days, thanks for your insights Steven!

  13. My advice to everyone panicking right now is to look at history, If the stock market could recover from the 2008 financial crisis and the Dotcom crash, Definitely the market would get through whatever comes next as well.

  14. 4-7 years for me. I will definitely make sure to keep 10% of the Tesla I own for the next 10-20.

  15. I’ll only use my tesla dividends…when ever that happens. I can wait.

  16. Stupid or (and) blind?

    I think they are so contemptuous of us as consumers, bit less so of luxury consumers, and confident in their in-club ownership-control of media, they chose to force us all into a prolong conversion period they would control. They would roll EV tech out to luxury vehicles, slowly dribbling, trickling, the goodness down toward the rest of us. They were all in on complicated ploys to gaslight us.

    And they got caught out in their game.

    We were lucky, in many ways, with Elon coming along to disrupt. That data Elon used, that EVs are inevitable, has been available for years, decades. If he hadn't though, we'd be getting stuffed with their PR 'news coverage' & roasted still. Oh wait, we are. "500,000 by 2025 & take the lead…" WTF. This is basic math here, not even 'data'. Tired of hearing it.

    What I want to hear is dirt being turned over, concrete poured, hempcrete better, & ribbons cut. Were GM to have started building with urgency a mere 2 years ago they'd be opening pants with 500-700, 000/year run rates each, by the dozens.

    And legacy auto, and insurance, and electric, and gas, and their politicians aren't down and out yet. They are fighting. What would happen, as an example, were Berlin not open for more months? And then ordered to close down? While SpaceX gets delayed for months? What would happen if the legacy power-structures felt they could get away with longer delays, closed down Boca Chica after one epic explosion or even outright denial of a permit?

    History is a wid place.

    Are they stupid or blind? Both a bit. Right now though, they still have the power to slow down the general trends and target Tesla to cripple them. You know, like bobbi trapping Teslas' supply chain. Oh wait…

  17. My problem with the drop is that I had to sell due to margin. I had to sell 45 of my 240 shares. I bought in at an average of 645/share so I'm doing alright, but I hate to have to sell any. My margin is at about 10% now with 18,000 owed. I have a house that I'm selling in the next couple months. I have been racing to try to finish the remodel. Hopefully I can get it sold before the price recovers on tsla. I have another house also that I will finish this summer. I sold a house last year and that's the money I bought the Tsla with. I fully intend to put all the money from the houses into Tsla. I have told my one renter that next year he will probably have to find another place to live because of tsla. I am all -in on tsla! Elon is the genius of this century! When you buy tsla stock, your getting that genius.

  18. You’re saying in the worst case Tesla will be worth $10T?

  19. I enjoy hearing about good research, and following the interesting links for further reading. I've listened to many of the full interviews that you pull excerpts from. I bow to your confidence in TSLA. I just don't have that confidence .. so I have only dipped my toes into TSLA. < 100 shares. I know I will regret that … but I know my limits πŸ™

  20. this woman does not understand anything of the topic. the other auto makers do not give a s… of EV they are going for HYDROGEN cars.

  21. 1982- sony introduces the CD player- at a cost of $1000.00. that's like $1300 of today's dollars. they sold a lot of players, made some money. good for them. today? the equivalent is the blue ray player. same sized disc. 30x the data storage, way more capability and a price tag of $40.

    that's not the incredible part. sony makes WAY MORE PROFIT off the current blue ray production per year by a huge order of magnitude- than they ever did with the $1300 dollar model. and that is the TRUTH of consumer electronics:

    WITH THE PASSAGE OF TIME.. the features get better. the production gets faster.. and the price goes DOWN.. AT THE SAME TIME THE PROFITS GO UP!!!

    just the OPPOSITE of the 'CAR'. AND THAT- is what the shorts are betting against. THAT is what big oil is LOSING market share to. imagine if they were betting against APPLE! … they'd be RUINED- they'd never recover. and when tesla comes out with FSD robotaxi’s, starts sharing their battery storage on the grid and opens several more factories… legacy would be better off betting against apple: by then? yes… of course some of the other automakers will be making ev's.. but tesla will be 20 years ahead of them in every single metric.

    already- the one piece stamping of the rear & front frame, side door frame- along with the 4680 structural battery pack? make a tesla as easy to manufacture as a hard drive for a computer. the parts count on a tesla plus the factory automation means they can pay the very few factory workers they have, better than any GM union worker.. and make a profit on their cars FAR beyond what legacy can. having ELIMINATED cobalt from the 4680 batteries means they can zip out massive 100kwh packs at a huge price reduction from what legacy sources their packs for.

    Elon was right- tesla is NOT a car company- and a tesla is NOT a car- it's a computer on wheels, with wicked acceleration, unparalleled performance and the best safety of any vehicle on the planet.

  22. and as for the market? the market is doing fine. the only problem is the Dheads in washington / idiot globalist bankers manipulating government currencies. never fear- bitcoin is here! it's not complicated AT ALL. when governments 'create money'- they simply print it- create it out of thin air. this method 'chases' the value of ALL existing goods & services- so that the legacy dollar value must go DOWN to account for it: aka- inflation. of course… REAL assetts, like tesla stock, gold, silver, realestate… RETAIN their REAL value… because people still need real cars, real land, etc.

    bitcoin: how is it created? NOT out of thin air. when YOU- Joe shmo consumer / private citizen / entrepreneur… makes & then sells 'widgets'… and ACCEPT bitcoin as payment- YOUR LABOR / product CREATES the value / bitcoin. it's that simple. the reason the price of bitcoin fluctuates? is due to how MANY people are utilizing it / creating it. much like tesla- EVENTUALLY… bitcoin will overtake legacy dollars- and once it does?

    most likely governments will seek to CONTROL IT AS WELL. they will site all kinds of phoney data & vastly exaggerated stories of drug sales & tax evasion (to be fair- already happens anyway) … and if need be? they will MANUFACTURE those situations to prove their case. but know this: they're NOT just going to sit back & watch their MAIN MEANS of control just walk right out the CAT5 port of every PC mining bitcoin. no sir.

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