Cathie Wood: Crypto is Disrupting The Banks!

Cathie Wood of Ark Invest just released her monthly market update and had very positive comments for the decentralised finance ecosystem.

Cathie pointed out that Defi and the crypto market performed excellently in the last 50% crash, which is something that the traditional financial market may not have been able to handle.

Defi and stablecoins are seeing incredible growth this year which is starting to impact the banks which are having to bring in emergency measures to slow down crypto adoption.

However, if people are able to get 7.5% on their savings in crypto, why would people keep money their money in the bank earning 0.1%?

We will be looking at:
0:00 – Introduction
1:18 – Cathie Wood Update
4:08 – The Defi & Stablecoin Boom
5:42 – Banks Are Getting Scared
8:21 – My Recent Bank Issue
9:11 – Illicit Activity Comparison
10:00 – Summary


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  1. WARNING: Hi guys, please be careful. The SPAM is out of control! Also someone is CLONING MY ACCOUNT and posting comments below PRETENDING TO BE ME. I will NEVER ask you to “email me” OR text a “spammy WhatsApp number”.

  2. Just remember all those times the bank charged you 34$ for borrowing a few pennies. They deserve to get cut out of our equation

  3. whatsapp 1..7..6… just kidding, I hate those comments 🤪 great video… so when do you see everything taking shape and being able to use crypto as a mass adoption? 2025-2030?

  4. Loved this video. Great job. Very interesting about your bank conversation. Financial institutes and the media will be spreading fud for next couple of years. But i believe its to late to save them.
    Their 2 main points are fraud and environment and we know both are bull.
    If you are against bitcoin and blockchain its because you are a horrible person who doesnt want others to have a piece of the pie.

  5. the illicit activity point isn't actually valid if you think about it. If crypto currencies that are active ponzi schemes haven't sold out yet, then of course the number of "illicit activity' in the space is seemingly lower. Wait till they dump.

  6. for me keeping money in the bank is the least secure method to protect your money… I had some money in the bank and some scam debt collection company did some paper shuffling to empty my account for a debt that I didn't know I had that was 20+ yrs old … if you have money in the bank they will do what they can to help themselves to it … I'm in crypto and haven't had any significant amount of money in the banks for decades … i fcking hate banks but they are still and evil necessity

  7. People are not doing this. Crypto is tanking. Stop listening to shitty influencers

  8. So if you are an illicit money holder, it is ok to put this money in the bank.
    But if you withdraw that money to use it in crypto, it is suddenly a viable reason to stop the withdraw?

    How corrupt is the western world banking system, do I ask?

  9. Bitcoin is still holding the entire crypto market back. The market follows Bitcoin, but Bitcoin is where all of the investors who don't understand crypto go. It's kinda backwards. The people who understand crypto are restrained by the people who don't.

    I think ETH 2.0 will be what changes this. When ETH is $50,000 a coin and people are wondering what happened, they will have to understand Ethereum and DeFi to get an answer.

    6% APY. 100,000 transactions per second. No supply inflow from miners. All new supply goes to stakers who are by definition hodlers. The beating heart of DeFi. The settlement layer of the internet. Easily utilized by eWASM. Transaction fees so low they might as well not exist.

    Ethereum will be the project that wakes people up and I can't wait to see it.

  10. Curious why you chose BlockFi over other Crypto banks? (i.e. Celsius Network)

  11. I completely agree with Cathie's insights, she is one of the very few understanding Macro Economics besides the fact that math confirms everything.

  12. I work for a bank in the London and have seen many high street giants block payments to Binance and other exchanges however I believe it is due to the the amount of complaints received by customers who have lost money as a result of crypto trading. The banks aren’t worried about people taking £1000 out of there savings and putting into crypto, they are worried about the hassle and complaints it brings. If a bank receives thousands of complaints about an unregulated platform what do you think they are gonna do? Reverse Repos are at all time highs as there is literally too much liquidity flowing around (more money than there has ever been within traditional finance). The banks aren’t scared of crypto replacing traditional finance and they do not think all there customers are gonna switch to crypto, I promise you.

    I’d like to hear your view

  13. As many believe crypto transactions maintain anonymity, cryptocurrencies are regarded as being safe to carry out illegal transactions. But thinking they are untraceable is one of the stupidest things to do, according to crypto ATM operator CoinFlip's CEO Ben Weiss.

  14. Yup we needed her to tell us what the hell has been happening for the past decade. Great analysis Cathy

  15. Bankers are criminals once we deposit that money 😭 that money bank use it to give loans, invest on project and after making 15-20% profit what they give just 3-7%😠

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