Cathie Wood: China is About to CRASH the Market in 2022

laatste update: 06-2022

Cathie Wood has issued a warning that China’s recent actions to address their real estate bubble could have huge repercussions for the worldwide economy.

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Cathie Wood is the head of ARK Invest, an investment firm that focuses on innovative technologies. One area she talked about on her last public call was her fears around what China is doing to its economy by directly squeezing the supply and demand side of their real estate market to lower prices. This could hurt the overall Chinese economy, leading to dropping commodity prices, which in turn could contribute to creating a worldwide deflationary environment. This pressure could then be compounded by secular forces of deflation such as AI, Automation, and the continual improvement of technology.

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  1. if you scroll back up and hit the like button it won’t help china but it would help this video with the algorithm

  2. im lost – so are you saying we're facing a chance of deflation because commodity prices are going to drop causing cheaper goods and services and higher stock market prices when companies start making more money? or is inflation on the way? can someone shed some light please? thanks

  3. Your wrong that is not what is going to happen oil will drop to the 30s again than fly to $400 a bbl because you have to create energy for the electric cars and so on so for that to happen you have to have another source of energy witch is oil .

  4. If China print out 28 Trillion dollars out of thin air To balloon the market. US will put that on a head line news.

  5. American eco system is different from China, China won’t crash , American won’t crash too. your guys worry too much.

  6. Nasdaq and s&p 500 hit all time high.. 23% up average and her arkk etf is down despite the fact 10% of her portfolio is tesla which rose over 48% during this year
    Without Tesla in her portfolio, she would have faced more than 30% slip in this growing trending market lol
    Nobody takes her serious these daya
    She has no clue what she is doing or saying

  7. So I should sell my 20 k$ car buy a 40 k$ tesla ? Or keep my car and use the 20 k$ for upkeep/ gas ,I can drive a long ways on 20 k$ at 36mpg .

  8. Cathy Wood will very quickly separate you from your money if you listen to her. Don't lose your money. Get some more bad plastic surgery Cathy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. China is nothing like Japan in the 80s/early 90s. No Plaza or Louvre Accords to allow currency manipulation to start.

  10. ARK Innovation ETF Top Holdings, % Below High…
    $TSLA: -8%
    $COIN: -14%
    $TDOC: -67%
    $ROKU: -55%
    $ZM: -65%
    $U: -20%
    $SHOP: -12%
    $SPOT: -37%
    $EXAS: -47%
    $TWLO: -41%
    $SQ: -29%
    $PATH: -46%
    $NTLA: -38%
    $PLTR: -49%
    $CRSP: -64%
    $BEAM: -44%
    $TWTR: -44%
    $DKNG: -55%
    $FATE: -54%
    $TXG: -28%

  11. Very well said. China 🇨🇳 predicted their troubled markets, hence they used corona virus as weapon on world. Now they are in even deeper trouble , rest of the world should wait and watch how that country will collapse.

  12. This is another perfect example of how someone who is never set a foot in China can feel perfectly good about predicting things in China. Man, for the last 10 years, from the very first book of "Collapse of China in 2010", have anyone learned? Nope, I guess if you gave a monkey a typewriter, sooner or later, he or she will write you a Shakespeare.

  13. The current inflation has nothing to do with the real world and more to do with fiat currency debasement. Subtract all external variables and we would still have inflation because the US along with many other countries need to finance with inflationary debt monetization as they are in a sovereign debt trap. Covid crisis just accelerated and brought forward the coming sovereign debt crisis which is further exemplified through the expanding amount of global negative yielding debt that is growing by the trillions aka soft default via inflation.

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