Cathie Wood, Boaz Weinstein Among Winners From Bitcoin Fund Bet

A host of Wall Street funds have minted profits riding the recent crypto fever after Grayscale Investments LLC snagged a big win over America’s top financial watchdog in its bid to create a US Bitcoin ETF.
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  1. Anyone ever tell you that you look a lot like Ben Franklin? Your picture on the thumbnail gives you away. 😅

  2. I bought GBTC at the high, now I'm stuck with it. Lucky, I found CRZWQ when it was $0.011 about 6 months ago, now it's around $.25, and I have bought and sold it about 4 or 5 times. Then I see they have another stock for the same company, Core Scientific, and it's ticker is CORZQ, I think, and it's about 72 cents. I bought some of that the other day at $69 cents. It says they are expecting to be done with bankruptcy proceedings in the fourth quarter. Black Rock is underwriting it. It's one of the largest BTC miners in America and they rent out equipment as well as mining it themselves. They have been in profit every month this year.😊

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