Cathie Wood At Ark Invest Just Accomplished Something Unbelievable!!

laatste update: 08-2022

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30 gedachten over “Cathie Wood At Ark Invest Just Accomplished Something Unbelievable!!”

  1. My first red flag from Cathie was about a year and a half ago when she bought into the company HIMS, then completely sold out like a week or two later… Like what the hell changed in that period of time

  2. A while back a guy in a YouTube comment section said that Cathie Wood looks like an angry old man with long hair. And OMG she does.

  3. Love your input and thoughts. I’ve watched people fear automation over my entire career and I started out as a secretary. There was always more work just different work and I evolved with it over 30 years. Jobs will be replaced with people building/engineering/programming the robots etc. Human intervention, touch and triage will always be necessary. I don’t want a robot cutting my hair or doing my massage. Lol. Different jobs, perhaps higher skilled jobs but jobs get automated with more jobs. Hopefully society will be able to adapt.

  4. Mike, if you recall comments I amde way a year ago, she has got bunch of idiots in her team…

  5. Really no offence to any loosing money in ARK, but the graphic sliding image early on in the video is the funniest thing I have seen for a long time

  6. Now Jerome Powell is telling Corporate America to put a "Freeze" on hiring. Come on man! If you believe that the elites are not trying to introduce Eugenics via population control then you must be living in a monastery. I see this ending very badly, and to all you people who "stay out of the market" Well you derive a living from a company who is in the Market, and if that company "Bottoms out" then you will be laid off. The only way to fight these elitists is to become "Self-Sufficient" but that takes Trust, which is a rare commodity.

  7. Her stock picks have been soo heavily shorted that you're not looking at an accurate picture. Plus, we all know what a good short squeeze can look like.

  8. I strongly believe in professional support. If you're someone who wants to remain in control of your wealth and assets after the "Great Reset" takes place, then you'll need a strategy as strong as the one the Central Banks have.

  9. CW has gone mad. ARK WILL GO TO ZERO. Most of the ARK owns will go to 0. There is no innovation there.

  10. Just hold long term, dark pools are shorting the crap out of it just because she was in the lime light. Theyll be done eventually

  11. You can't really cure cancer. I mean I know what you are saying but finding a treatment that rids cancer from an individual is a cure for that person, doesn't mean it won't resurface as well as you better believe everybody most likely faces this.

  12. It's bizarre and my family and I have own ark funds.
    She does have magical thinking personally. The bible thumpers can have challenges.
    We will hold and not dca.

  13. Thank you for the cure and treatment concepts. Medical providers are willing participants to the point that chronically ill trusting their doctor can cause a lot of suffering.

  14. You have some good points. But what you are missing is… the type of companies that she has in the portfolio have 100% to 1000s% upside. Not all of the bets have t o pan out for her. Only handful. For instance if one bet pays off 10x. It will pay for 10 going bankrupt. So the point that will matter at the end is not what she pays for each buy… but if her big ideas pan out the way she is hoping them to. tShe is making some very bold predictions and bets. she is employing private funding start up model, where you know going in you will probably be wrong on 80% of your bets. if only few pan out, she will be the darling of the financial industry once again, if not, it ain't going to matter what she paid for each stock. Time will tell. For example, let's say you went all in on Amazon when it was selling at $100, just after you purchased it Amazon went to $30. You could not buy it at $30. Sure you would be kicking yourself at the time. But, would you be crying about that today? Now, let's say I purchased MCI at $100 and bought some more @ 50 and more at 25. What would I be doing … crying today, for loosing all my investment., regardless of the fact that did great buying at the time.

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