Cathie Wood + Ark Invest a Fraud?

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30 gedachten over “Cathie Wood + Ark Invest a Fraud?”

  1. Chris, didn't you hear, she's going to achieve a 50% CAGR through 2030 :D:D

    What a joke…

  2. You should make a video on crypto. Your thoughts on BTC, ETH, and maybe other altcoins.

  3. Consistency matters. Ark innovation started late 2014…up 3.46% in 2015.. down 2% 2916…up 87% in 2017…up 3.48 in 2018…up 35% in 2020….up 153% in 2020 and gave it all up 2021 and 2022.

  4. Much respect to you sir. There are many people out there that need you. Stay true and time will tell

  5. Morning MonkeyPox Chris 🐸🍿🐸🍿🦍💎🦍💎🦍🍊🇺🇸

  6. Her investment themes make sense, what doesn't make sense is how she's doing it. Picking 35 out of 350 companies in the field of AI, EV, Biotech etc is like picking 35 infants; nobody would know how well they perform in 5 years cuz they are too damn young. Might as well as invest in broad EV, Biotech, AI ETFs (aka ALL the companies) in these respective fields.

    Also, "now" isn't a good time to buy — no .. LAST YEAR wasn't a good time to buy. Prices go down = risks go down, would that be correct?

  7. well Chris u did suggest grab when it was around 10$ its under 3 rite now so..? can't always call it I geuss

  8. Damn this guy is on a relentless tear of everyone .I'm going to make a video titled is Chris norlund a fraud next

  9. Thanks for your videos and Cathie is a fraud……I know I lost big on Bngo.

  10. She’s not a fraud on purpose. She’s just a fool that won the lottery, and then spent ALL those winnings on more lottery tickets and lost everything gained

  11. Cathie Wood was in the business since 1972. We never heard of her until 2018. She was just lucky 🤷‍♂️

  12. a famous youtuber´s channel from germany "julien bam" got hacked and his channel was abused for scamming people. his channel was renamed as "ark invest" when this happened.

  13. She's not a fraud, but she seems to make some bad investment choices and doesn't realize that half of her stocks are going to zero. There are some really quality stocks in there that will be top stocks in the future. However, the fund structure makes it bad for long term investing. It's a sector fund.

  14. Donald Trump was a disruptive innovation. How did that work out? Cathy Wood is a misguided fund manager.

  15. She kept loading up on NNDM as it plummeted over a long period of time. That caused people to buy such huge amounts of it. Her buying it in the first place is what caused people to buy in such huge amounts. NNDM is one of the most abysmal stocks.

  16. Chris have you seen amazon stock today? You think it’s a good time to short it?

  17. I don't think you're rambling at all…..great content!

  18. Chris, what happened to your previous invest pie? The current has started May 18.

  19. I like how honest you are. I learned my lesson in real estate in 2008 to 2012. Once you’ve been through it, you learn not to lose your money.

    The best investment, is the one where you don’t lose your principal

  20. Hey Chris, what do you think of Chicken Genius? The guy quit YouTube this year on claims of "cyber bullying", doesn't sell any courses or affiliate programs but is all in on Tesla (but surely someone as smart as him should know that was more of a gamble than a strategy?) Thanks 🙂

  21. I was always skeptical of Woods. Felt like she got lucky that one year and then all of a sudden everyone started looking at her like she could do no wrong. If that's the case, why are her funds down so far.

  22. She mentions a ark short strategy a year ago on her Instagram including zoom. Maybe it's a crazy thought but perhaps they were in on some sketchy things…

  23. Thanks Chris. You provide sound "non-hype' advice. As for some of these Youtubers being frauds, Most of them got one big call correct & are now giving it all back because they held too long. Anyone can predict the future but no one knows the future.

  24. So basically listening to you is the equivalent of watching the talking heads on TV.

  25. Forget about the algo, produce more content about how to beat the market.

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