Cathie Wood | Are We Losing Control?

Michael Burry a man who was predicting hyperinflation not too long ago has now turned the corner. In a recent tweet regarding the dangerous bullwhip effect, Burry is now predicting another financial problem. In today’s video, we explore this wild supply chain phenomenon that may potentially wreak havoc on the US economy in a way that nobody sees coming. Cathie Wood adds on to this speculating that the inventory surplus may lead to serious deflation.

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  1. You remember those old house phones that had the curly cord. And then somehow one of those curls would be done the wrong way. So you'd grab the cord and say OK I'm going to fix it. And then you'd do that curl correct. But then the next one would be even worse and then you'd fix that one and the next curl wouldn't be correct and then you'd do the third curl and you'd be like what how this one be so off? That's pretty much how the supply chain works

  2. So basically the government is in cahoots with big everything so they can keep everyone poor instead of letting the market regulate itself out and letting the poor and middle class move up. Not surprised at all.

  3. In controls it's called an out of controlled system. Like when you hear feedback from a speaker. The only way to fix an out of control system is to pull the power. There is too much energy in the current bubble to be able to expel it slowly over time. Ugh, everything is going to go up and down like lumber prices for a decade if Burry is right.

  4. Deflation is good, it's just not good for our insane government that spends money as fast as they can print it

  5. When inflation is 15% and the next year is -1,3% it's not deflation. But they will act with massive printing and more chaos again and again.

  6. One reason I don’t think retail is panicking yet is because nobody in retail wants to be the first to raise prices. The supposed liquidation taking place is also a competition to see who can hold out the longest. If major retailers were expecting catastrophe in Q3 then I would expect to be seeing layoffs and store closures already, which isn’t happening much in retail yet.

  7. To Cathy’s credit, she sounded the deflation alarm a long time back when everyone including Burry was screaming inflation.

  8. Sure, there’s a glut of Chinese crap no one wants at Walmart and Target. But when is the oversupply in cars and houses happening?

  9. There has been a small example of this in BC Canada during 2021.
    As the demand for wood products from BC skyrocketed orders to the mills for retail stores were looking at 3-5 months in advance. This also drove up purchase price. As products started to funnel into local retailers the price was over 200% on some plywood. For quite obvious reasons this deterred consumers from spending at such a ridiculous price, the increase in price cascaded onto the customer of the builders that were in the midst of building, and the builders that were starting projects had to re-quote and a lot of them were cancelled. This resulted in a plummet of demand and sales 6-8 months later and retail stores began to lose money on product as the average cost of a piece of wood or plywood was 25-50% higher than what the market value is for the product.
    This is now happening to the ridiculous housing market in BC, but ultimately I don't think prices will go down much as the demand for housing in Canada in general is absurd.

  10. I think Burry is more concerned about the bullwhip being a temporary shock in supply chains which will allow the fed fed an excuse to stop QT early…. This Will not end well. Interest rates have been at basically zero for over a decade. MBS, PPP loans. All that cheap cash for that long will have consequences. No one seems to be able to look more than 5 feet in front of them

  11. A real country should be measured in what it produces not how many hedge funds and investors it has

  12. Michael Burry's forcast are not all that accurrate if you do your homework. How much money did Michael Burry lose in Japan recently by the way ?

  13. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today..

  14. Scored a Webber spirit 2 gas grill for $244 at Target the other day in the clearance section🙌🏻

  15. What a mixed up situation: on the one hand retailers have unsold inventory while on the other there are endless parts and chip shortages. This is crazy.

  16. Deflation is good, and healthy for economy phenomenon, no one complains about deflation on electronic devices 🙄. US government, and FED is evil, and bad for economy, how stupid you have to be, to believe that wasting food is good for starving people? XD

  17. Let me simply this for you …. the Federal Reserve creates economic bubbles by printing tons of money out of thin air. This money always gets malinvested in hopes of a quick profit. The FED's money bubbles always burst in due course. Right now, the largest money bubbles in history are about to pop which will cause a deep recession or depression. The price of real estate is coming down dramatically plus all the stock markets are going seek their actual value during the next 12 months or so. Why are you quoting Kathy Wood? She is an utter idiot unable to predict the score of a football game after it's been played or the winner of a horse race after it's been run. WTF?

  18. Seriously… ‘Cathy Wood’…? What does she know.! She sees her fund and her bank account deflating and tells the world deflation is coming. The truth is the FED devalued all the ‘money’ in existence when they went gonzo on the money printer. Prices will continue to rise and lifestyles will shrink until WAR.

  19. Although I feel fortunate to have a portfolio where I live off the dividend income only, it's still hard to watch the total value fall. Having two years income in the bank it gives me the flexibility to DRIP the dividends back into more stock for a while. Funny…I was just looking at an Andex chart the other day as inspiration to stay invested.

  20. So, as for the Beer Game, those companies that bypass wholesalers/retailers…..and sell direct to the public might have a big advantage? Like Tesla?

  21. After the Great Recession there was a deflationary period. Namely, 2009,2010,2011. So not sure what you mean last time 1955 and 1932

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  24. We’ll definitely go into a recession, but if less than 2% fed funds rate triggers a recession, we need a market clearing.

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