10 gedachten over “Cathie Wood – After Tesla My Next 100x Return Potential Asset Is… in 2022”

  1. Guys is it me or is Cathie recently doing and saying a lot of err, err,err,err
    Like she is reading from a script or is getting stuck a lot and really having to think about it ? I am not putting her down I am just asking others if it’s just her style or she has lost a lot of confidence lately ? If any of you can help that would be great

  2. But Rouble is swinging back with vengeance since it is tagged to gold and natural resources and wheat.

  3. It’s click bait, I’ve watched two of these that had 100X in it and no mention of what it is. I think she is smart , but it’s not confidence inspiring .

  4. Many good points. Leaders should be following China's lead to the transition to EV's. High oil prices should convert more drivers to EV's. Inflation due to high oil prices due to a war is not fair to consumers. Oil companies justifying high oil prices due to a war and profiting from this is immoral. Oil companies do not want this war to end.

  5. Dint know ukraine was the ONLY place suffering from WAR, welcome to the world

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