Cathie Wood about Tesla Stock: “We were wrong”

Tesla stock news – Cathie Wood talks about her being wrong about Tesla stock. This is an important video for Tesla stock investors to watch.



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I am a multi millionaire serial entrepreneur & investor (currently the only stock in my stock portfolio is Tesla stock), as crazy as it sounds, I am a fairly conservative investor, I love real estate and S&P 500, but I sold all of my S&P 500 shares to invest into Tesla stock. I even convinced my brother who is EXTREMELY conservative to invest $100,000 into Tesla. For those really curious, in the beginning of this video you may take a glimpse into my Mint account (AKA, some of my bank accounts) as well as why Tesla will double despite the recession:

The first time I bought Tesla stock was in the beginning of 2019 (adjusted for the current stock split of 2022 August – under $20 dollars per share). I purchased it because at that time for the first time it was absolutely clear to me that Tesla will be profitable and bankruptcy is no longer a concern. My personal belief is that even though the stock went up a lot, I still personally believe it is strongly underpriced, but only if you are a long term investor.

Elon explaining in 20 minutes the buying opportunity for Tesla stock

AI expert James: “Tesla is 100 times ahead probably”

“These charts will turn bears into raging bulls of Tesla”

Got FSD Beta. I’m MORE bullish NOW on Tesla stock!

Tesla is under ATTACK!

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All-in Tesla stock,

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  1. You do a great job reporting and narrating and commenting. The mouse analogy was unique, but I personally find that hard to watch.

  2. It doesnt matter how hard elon works to build products or promote tesla. If he sells allot of tesla. Tesla will fail. So dont do that again.

  3. When I see good videos like this I usually take my time to appreciate the experts who

    make these videos possible, it's not easy to help a lot of people make money & free from hungry

  4. That arrogant bald guy is going to be eating his mockery in a few years.

  5. The guy to Cathy Woods right clearly does not comprehend. Tesla also has a manufacturing process that completely destroys the competition. Tesla is using giga castings… see Munro and associates … Tesla creates and needs thousands, less parts than an ice vehicle

    He obviously didn’t pick up on the engineer, CEO formally a VW compared making a VW golf with a Tesla model three. It took 30 hours and much manpower to make the golf, the tester was made in under 10 hours with a few blokes and a lot of robots.

  6. Good ol’ Cathie. Every one of her funds has significantly underperformed the NASDAQ over the last five years, but she did get a Tesla right. I’m thankful I only invested in Tesla. Whew.

  7. To 10x from $215.00 by 2030, it's ONLY 37% CAGR, which is 13% BELOW Tesla's stated goal of 50%. At 50% CAGR TSLA would trade at $3,673.48 or a 17x.

  8. It's Moron Stanley, Mooron's Credit rating, GM: Government Motors, Ford: F.. …

  9. RETARDED that Auto analysts cover Tesla. Craig Irvin is HORRIBLE, but is…= Helping you buy TSLA cheap!!!

  10. Possibly a relatable and erudite analogy…
    When I was a child I thought sex was reserved for reproduction and consisted only of intercourse because that's what I saw readily with my own eyes (the stray dogs in my neighborhood). I did not research or imagine the possibilities of the glorious world of sex acts that I now know. The difference is that I was an innocent child and automotive analysts are highly paid professionals who are encouraged to research and imagine. Shame on them for being lax and depriving their paying clients of tremendous gains.

  11. I will say without a doubt they become first 5 trillion and way more beyond that! I will end with 60 trillion valuation by 2032!!!!!!!

  12. This is a great video, I learn a lot watching your videos and it has been helpful to me. Building a steady income is quite difficult for newbies.. Thanks to Mrs. Claudia Jenkins for improving my portfolio. keep up with the good videos.

  13. What if China invades Taiwan? What would that do to the Tesla stock?

  14. Manufacturings’ only hope, regardless of industry, is to abandon 100+ yo sequential Model T-style assembly lines & adopt Tesla’s “Unboxed” innovation. Any new lines not doing so spell disaster for their companies. Also, as Tesla proved in Fresno, converted old school plants become disfunctional nightmares. So unless legacies scrape their properties to the ground & go greenfield, they’re DONE. So, can unboxed be licensed?

  15. Tesla seems to have all the makings for a great stock run possibly starting in 3Q23. Most TSLA issues are self-inflicted (e.g., Elon texting some nonsense on Twitter, Elon selling stock to buy Twitter, missing deadlines for FSD, cyber truck) and poor communications (i.e., the average person still thinks Teslas are expensive which is not true if IRA credits and total cost of ownership are considered).

  16. Fsd is not needed to grow. It’s crap anyway. We need to pay attention so fck it.

  17. fully autonomous cars is just public transportation. Why would you want to buy a fully autonomous car, which forces the burden of liability, maintenance, and capital costs on the individual?

  18. Tesla is going to have 90% of the western world ev market. Doesn't anybody know how to drive a damn car anymore, to need a robot to take them for a ride?

  19. Tesla does not have to reach to $ 10 trillion. It just need to reach to $ 5 trillion first and I believe it will be good there after….

  20. I always love listening to someone that actually understands TSLA, money, and the market all in one person. I'm at 1.7M and not even close to selling. Thank you, Cathie Wood.

  21. BYD hasn't proven they make a compelling car yet, the high volume and good price, yes. That's proving they can make a cheap car. But the BYD car isn't winning over people with it's feature list. They compete on price and supply only. I would be cautious they can keep that advantage forever.

  22. She was a TSLA bull for a long time. I was quite surprised when she sold. I am hanging on to mine. I think the solar-charged power wall/battery storage is the real story to TSLA. In 20 years they will be everywhere.

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