30 gedachten over “Cardano Lukso Coti Nord Litecoin Chainlink Market Update + Silver? Yes Silver!! Lets Talk”

  1. I like your whole thing bro … Start to finish! You got a subscriber!

  2. Please! Leave the telegram group link on description!

  3. Yes please link telegram. I wasn’t able to find it for some reason 👍

  4. ☝️My favourite channel so far!!! Great!! Going for telegram!


  6. Great video. Can't wait for ADA & LTC to move again like COTI just did 😊 Want to see what's gonna happen with LTC after nimblewimble (or what was it called) update mid march and Charles Africa meeting 👍

  7. Trying to find the telegram channel…can't find it 😰😰😰 what's the t/ tag? Thanks 😊

  8. Hey guys! just linked the telegram above! Sorry haha I had it set on private.. just changed to public and posted link! Lets hang out!!

  9. Yes on the precious metals! I'm all about anything that will potentially help me retire early from my job.

  10. Very informative video! Joined the telegram too. Thank you for the superb content as always!

  11. Great Video thanks, but we have been going all-in with LUKSO!
    Its' going to be huge and more likely have a much better return than any other legit projects so maximizing our investment.

  12. This guy knows what he’s talking about. Seems like a cool guy on and off camera. Great Video. 👍

  13. I was thinking what happen to you 🙂 background looks finally great ,because of distortion paintings looks crooked ,but that's the setting that ,don't even try to fix… This is 100x from where I started f n your brain do this do that 😀 proud of you ,and man your channel is flying ,I am gonna set the goal 5k till the end of the march… and ,please contact me ,so we can talk about your intro … and it ll be my present for your new set up ,since I cant bring you plant or something 😀

  14. I found your channel from your COTI video. It’s my first coin that’s not top 100 cap and I’m up 60% this is bonkers!!

  15. I want to create new acc just to smash the like button again

  16. BUY and Holding STRONG ADA cardano.
    Don't be late to buy ADA!
    ADA going to the moon!!
    WE WILL BE RICH❗❗ 💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲

  17. "US dollar is poopy times, no bueno." is all everyone needs to know.

  18. I really like your energy and honesty, it is refreshing

  19. Another great vid! I can see myself hanging out with you IRL 😀

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