Cardano is not looking very good. Altcoins are getting into a period where it’s very interesting to accumulate. Let’s take a look if this is also the case for Cardano and if so, what the importan levels are to watch!

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30 gedachten over “CARDANO LOSING GROUND?! 😨 WHAT’S NOW??”

  1. Cardano has a great advertisement system in the space nothing more lol

  2. Lets Go Brandon $FJB token has been in fire and not effected by any crash. lets keep it going and show the trash Biden what we think about him and get this viral ! add this in your portfolio

  3. I sold all my Cardano the moment I read about their projects in Africa.

  4. Cardano is bullish it is just stable for now before the price of cardano explode and it goes vertical

  5. It all depends on the introduction of the first DEX. I would be very surprised if ADA drops below $1,71. I've become sceptical about technical analysis. Historic data also don't mean a whole lot because the market now is hugely different from 4 and 8 years ago.

  6. The area around 50cents isn't retested also, doesn't mean anything…net every level gets retested… Do you even know the project and what's coming by the end of this month? It's not only TA… Fundamentals play a role also.

  7. first d app on cardano soon like sundayswap , good time to buy for me , thanks you

  8. i'm just holding ada to stake on the upcoming projects. i think that's where the real profits are.

  9. all the titles have a question mark. Common have some decency and take some responsibility for all this bla bla bla…

  10. The best crypto move I ever made was selling all of my Cardano and buying Kadena instead.

  11. Cardano is gaining ground relative to the other Cryptos. Faulty premise. And it has the potential to revolutionize the world. Invest very long-term and you will do very, very well for yourself and humanity.

  12. Indeed true cardano price is ugliest in the world hyped by bunch of some liers.

  13. Unsubscribing mate. Keep your politics to yourself. I came for crypto, not tin-foil hat Covid denying nonsense like we’ve seen on your Twitter lately.

  14. Amazing insight , I just made my own video, share the love 😉

  15. Crypto Island is the Worlds First Decentralized Private Island in crypto space!!! 1st Island will be located in Bahamas!!!!

  16. ADA has been the leak in my boat for way too long – regret not dumping @ $3 to go heavier in my AVAX or anything but ADA bag…

  17. As for cardano everything really looks very sad. I still hope that it will hold better, but if it doesn't I'd rather store its value in usdt or consider buying more sol

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