Can Verasity Make YOU A Millionaire!?

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15 gedachten over “Can Verasity Make YOU A Millionaire!?”

  1. I lost a huge chunk of my portfolio while holding some coins last year… It seems Holding doesn't profit much anymore as it used to. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I could increase my earnings?

  2. Great video mate ! This cleared up a lot of my questions ! Thank you 😊

  3. 10 million vra at a realistic price of 0.10 cents should get you that millionaire status

  4. Can we see $VRA at 25c by eoy 2023?
    What's ur view bro

  5. Can we see $VRA at 25c by eoy 2023?
    What's ur view bro

  6. Vra can only grow in 2025 till than it will keep revolving in same price .

  7. I mean what's the utility? Is it really that important? I see it hitting 10 cents or so which will still be great but no more than that

  8. Great Video 📸 Mr Dose! I Learnt Heaps 💡🧠! Bought Some Verasity A While Back For A Song 🎶!
    Make 🇮🇪 Crypto 🇯🇵 Great 🇺🇸 Again 🇬🇧 In 🐇🐇2023 🐇🐇! From New Zealand 🇳🇿

  9. This thing that is a schittcoin it hasn't hit .1 ever and has no real world utility. Even if the tech worked which I don't believe, show me a company that wants to lose ad revenue by exposing fake traffic

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