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13 gedachten over “CAN $SOL GO UP!? | SOLANA (SOL) PRICE PREDICTION & NEWS 2022!”

  1. its dropping crazy.. $18 and going down. Looking like the Luna crash right now.

  2. i bought a lot SOL for around 31$ and now it dropped like crazy after the alameda news…now i am down 30/40% without a clue if i shoudl sell or hodl. What do you think? i don´t need the money the next months tbh…any ideas?

  3. Both Alameda and FTX doing illegal acts … soon to face legal issues. Both going to be insolvent which will forced them to liquidate. Sol is going to $5…. CZ is too smart to buy out FTX get involved with legal issues. The letter of intent was non binding… basically worthless piece of paper… I predict sol will be $5 and Ftt will turn into Luna… lots of legal trouble ahead.

  4. Unfortunately SOL will be going under 10$ . Just be careful guys

  5. but is ftx fault not sol fault,sol still being a breaking technology hope sol be back soon , a good thing about this is that almost all sol Will be no more in the hands of just one person

  6. Its going to 8-9 dollar range…$1 billion worth of sol getting unstaked tomorrow

  7. Solana just made an agreement with google Solana will be solid in my opinion

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