23 gedachten over “Can Floki Inu Reach $0.01? || Price Analysis. #invest #cryptocurrency #crypto #floki #flokiinu”

  1. HOLLY WOW. that is more probable than i thought!! The Math doesn't lie

  2. It’s probably impossible that’d put floki inu at the #4 spot in the whole market i hope im wrong tho

  3. Can you explain to me the significance of floki market cap equaling 15% of BTC market cap?

  4. Money move from one crypto to another .0.01 is possible for floki .once it reach top money move to another coin

  5. Floki's price is wrong, mate. It has 4 zeros instead of 3, so marketcap would be 938.7 not 93.87

  6. If total market cap reaches 5 or 10 trillion then floki can reach 50 billion , it’s not a very big deal

  7. Where’s he getting his prices from ?? Floki is 0.00005 not 0.0002… lol

  8. All this without taking into account the huge token burns like the recent burn of 4.97 trillion. This coin is gonna do really good.

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