Cake Pay Web Temporarily Shutting Down #monero #xmr #crypto news

📢 We are temporarily shuttering Cake Pay Web due to reliability issues with our service provider but we’ll be back better than ever! 🦾 Cake Pay Mobile (USA) still usable!

Orders in progress will fulfill or be reimbursed!

Thanks for your support 🍰

Monero Minute is by the easiest Monero wallet to get started with: by Cake Wallet (Monero-only wallet)
Apple iOS:
Google Play:
Android APK:

Trustless software
Easily and safely store, send, receive, and exchange your Monero. There is no intermediary in the middle to surveil or censor your transactions.

Advanced features
Full support for separate wallets, subaddresses, and accounts. Back up your wallets locally or to the cloud, and connect to remote nodes of your choice (even your own).

You have complete control over your private keys and your digital assets. Your keys, your coins.

Built-in exchange
You can easily exchange XMR, BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT and many more without an account and without limits.

The wallet was developed by our team of experts, and you are free to check our code on GitHub.

Spend crypto with Cake Pay
It’s never been easier to live off cryptocurrencies!