In this video we discuss about Safemoon and the latest updates! With a spice of ta

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27 gedachten over “BUYING MORE SAFEMOON…”

  1. It another successful ⬆️withdrawal of 2btc with the perfect script from may God continue to bless you⬆️..

  2. To bad won’t be buying anymore from the Safemoon wallet since Moonpay banned me and won’t even explain why

  3. What is the best way to make profit from crypto investment?

  4. Safemoon exchange and blockchain the price will be more than $1

  5. I’m so opportune that irrespective of the economy crisis and financial conditions I am still able to earn $19,500 returns from my initial $6,500 every 10 days. Crypto investment is the really profitable…

  6. Anyone here making dumb ass ill- informed comments about how safemoon is a scam is clearly not educated on how a business functions. Safemoon is not sticking to the standard that crypto and defi is used to, because they are running a business, there unorthodox procedures that they use to DEVELOP the company are seen as negative events that should scare holders into selling. As a business owner I can tell you… It takes money to make money, keep your head down and working when others are bitching. Safemoon is doing these things. Eventually every single person who talks trash about this developing company is going to see a massive switch get flipped when they release the line up of products they have been working on. I personally DCA every few days. I've seen what happens when the market reverses and a company grows. Hold on tight! Safemoon is one hell of a ride! I'll see you at the top!

  7. May thanks to Mr Gary I’m highly grateful for the successful investment deal with your company thank you so much. I never thought I could get 3BTC

  8. Scammoon is dead alltime low after alltime low every day and Karony is silent in his LP money villa lmao hilarious best CEO ever lololol

  9. I need an explanation please. Am new here, please how can I invest in crypto/stock without having much losses or even without loosing at all

  10. sfm dumps for 11months straight
    jwk: "sfm is down foe the week"

  11. Buying more safemoon yeah rite you gotta b joking!!! INVESTIGATE AND PROSECUTE LOCKEM ALL UP!!!

  12. I will consider thursday for my next dca-buy #safemoonarmy the ideas are still great,price action doesnt matter right now – in a bear market.

  13. John had the circle piece in is hand but threw it away. Now he's trying to fit the triangle piece into the round hole. Remember when news of Papa working on the Blockchain and Exchange was HOT. Now we get postings of new positions open or being filled and, you don't hear a peep out of them afterwards. Not even a peep outta who, what, where, when Blockchain or Exchange is even going to happen. Let's call these postings for what they are… feeble attempt at hype.

  14. i had 1500 on that coin, and now 50 euros, i discourage you to invest in it, safemoon is not going up

  15. Safemoon keeps going down as it is worthless. Nobody wants it.

  16. Still waiting for it to gain another zero before I buy more

  17. Safemoon please Don't destroy our career because all hard earn money invested in safemoon coin now it's down to earth John carony what are you doing bro don't break the people's trust otherwise they can't believe again on you

  18. Great video, but safemoon is a shitcoin. Still 💎 👐 that turd though.

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