Building a Simple Alt Coin Trading Bot Using Bittrex API

laatste update: 06-2022

In this video I show how to use the Bittrex API to automate your cryptocurrency investment portfolio.
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30 gedachten over “Building a Simple Alt Coin Trading Bot Using Bittrex API”

  1. Hey, i take a question!
    Which programming language should i use to build a Bot, that can auto trade on Bittrex and Binance?
    Thank u so much!

  2. Hello,
    I can't seem to connect to the index.php. I type in: localhost/bittrex and first i got an message that said i didn't have any permission to enter it, now it just shows a blank page. Any ideas what i need to do or where i need to put my index.php file?

  3. Great video! Being a developer and getting into trading crypto, this is what I was looking for. I have a good strategy that depends on a few indicators from Trading View. Does Trading View have an API that exposes different indicators?

  4. Man that is not so nice coding bro. Try to learn people the proper way of programming even when you just give some intro info about using an exchange API.

  5. Hey ,
    im having trouble with going to localhost:80/bittrex.(localhost:80 works for me np) I checked my API codes and im 100% sure the IP is white listed.
    Also im missing the text you copy & paste on that website at 3:42 i tried typing it over that might be the issue. could you please help out? Thanks!

  6. How can i get some coin price history(not only the current price)?Is it only possible if i make the database myself?

  7. super video but i have a problem with the bittrex script listed in the API documentation. Everything is like a video, but it does not list anything from script the API documentation at the beginning. Keys are 100% good. Syntax 100%. What's the problem with? please help.

    Well thank you. Vlado.

  8. hi m1xolyd1an
    could you plese make a bot for binance based on signals from "fx sniper t3-cci" oscillator from tradingview? I mean a countinuous buy/sell based on fx sniper t3-cci?

  9. How do I upload this script into Bittrex? I have the API Key and Secret. I have the script now where can I input the script for Bittrex to read and automate.

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