Breeding My First Axies! | Axie Infinity Breeding Guide (Breeding Cost, Planning, & Tools)

Welcome to my Axie Infinity breeding guide! Today I breed my first plant axies in and show you step by step how I planned my purchases, bought my AXS & SLP tokens, and planned out my risks for purity on parts using a breeding simulator tool. I also go over how much it cost me to get started.

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✔️Axie Infinity Tools I Use:

✔️Chrome Extension for Gene Purity Overlay

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✔️AXS Token Contract Info:

✔️SLP Token Contract Info:

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Bossa Antigua by Kevin MacLeod

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  1. why when i try to swap ETH to SLP or AXS in Uniswap the transaction is stuck at pending ?? Or is there another way to buy SLP and AXS ??

  2. kinda waste of time when not getting to see what came out of it.

  3. The cost for obe breed got so high lately (300$+). I prefere to buy a new axie though

  4. Binance integration makes this even easier now 🙂 Great video though, you have a great knack for explaining things

  5. Great video and content bro, with regards to breeding, can I start breeding axies and still play with them as my current team to grind/ earn slp?

  6. Check out Overlord World PVP play to earn crypto game. Just launched, low market cap, very cheap and the game is live.

  7. +Zueljin Gaming Hi if i transferred $1400 in eth to metamask, then deposited all of it to ronin weth, how do i use that to get whichevers needed to breed, is it axs? subbed btw, great video ty.

  8. keep building and the game will just get more expensive so best getting in as soon as possible and build up.The low tier price axies will be $200-$300 mid be $1000-$10000 and top tier be $10000-$100000 soon enough if not more..

  9. Hi sir I want to be your scholarship I need to Help my parents sir🙏🙏

  10. Thank you sir if ever u choose me as your scholar I do my best sir to full fill your quota everyday

  11. Yo I’m trying to join your discord but that voice command is hard to surpass

  12. Just getting started. Thanks for the help!

  13. hi zeuljin im from the philippines and I love your content, its Christmas time, can I have one axie as a gift? hahahaha

  14. Zombie world Z is an NFT game in the Metaverse universe. You will experience an attractive and realistic game. The higher your rank, the more rewards you get. Playing games and making money at the same time is very fragrant, isn't it?

  15. Hi, so what did you get after breeding? I can not find video 😅

  16. Thanks for the breeding info, I have a question I downloaded and play on my phone is there a way I can use my laptop aswell and go between the two?

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