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30 gedachten over “BREAKING: BINANCE Helps Elon Musk BUY TWITTER”

  1. One day when my wife and I become crypto wealthy like you guys we wanna pay yall a visit and take you out for some good food!

  2. idk, back when binance took over CMC i was against it cuz I thought they would somehow cause misinformation about the markets. But over the years they seem to have done a pretty good job. But idk all the details that are happening behind the scene

  3. Prior to knowledge of Binance buying CMC, I didn't actually notice any Binance-centric changes. Granted, they might have tailored some features to redirect to the exchange but everything still functions normally.

  4. Chico Crypto just did a Bullish video on the possibility of Jack Dorsey coming back to Twitter to develop a decentralised Twitter along with a Twitter token. Since that video, I saw the headline about Binance being involved. I'll be interested to see if Chico does another video on this as he is a Binance hater.

  5. The video is so great!! Btw did you hear inside about Kyrrex?? Says their $KRRX token is going to rocket in a few xxx soon because of the new investment in the platform. What do you think about it? Is it worth considering buying?

  6. Binance's BNB token/coin will be integrated into Twitter so buy BNB now!!! Price will skyrocket!! 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  7. So are you saying that if they raise interest rates they will trash the economy as everyone's in debt to feed the economy.

    So we'll have to live with it?

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