Blockchain for Cross-Company Workflow Orchestration | SAP TechEd in 2020

In a globalized economy, there is a need to transform business processes of independent organizations, as well as underlying workflow systems, into fully digitalized value chains. Extending the low-code approach of SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management with blockchain orchestrates business processes beyond organizational and system boundaries, forming cross-organizational workflows that help optimize fulfillment times, minimize collaboration costs, and reduce manual efforts in a secure way.

Benjamin Stoeckhert, Product Manager, SAP
Stephen Schluchter, SAP
Kevin O’Grady, ARUP

Track: Intelligent Technologies
Sub-Track: (INT101) Simplify multiparty processes using blockchain
Session Type: Lecture (40 min)
Level: Beginner
Job Role: Architect, Business Process Expert, Consultant
Item of Interest: SAP Cloud Platform

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  1. Wow this video is heavily undervalued. May I ask please which partners you work with from the crypto space outside of Unibright? Thanks in advance! Wishing you all the best for 2021!

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