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Cryptocurrency is made secure through blockchain technology. This guide will teach you how the blockchain works and explain it in understanding detail. For more cryptocurrency content subscribe to our channel:

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0:00 Introduction
0:23 What is blockchain?
1:33 What is blockchain technology and security?
3:57 How does blockchain work?
5:19 What is the purpose of the blockchain?

Learn how to navigate through the world of crypto with this guide. This playlist will help you understand what is crypto, the best crypto to buy for beginners, how to buy crypto for the first time, and what blockchain is. Answering even more questions such as what smart contracts are and how crypto wallets work.

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  1. The blockchain is a chain of blocks that contain information

  2. I watch a lot of crypto videos, but must say Anycoins' videos explain everything about crypto in such an easy way. Anyone can learn about crypto this way. Thanks for the great content!

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