Blaming the REFS on the Chiefs WIN vs Bengals is PATHETIC!

The Chiefs win and move on to the Super Bowl, but not without a LOT of tears shed by frail individuals.
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30 gedachten over “Blaming the REFS on the Chiefs WIN vs Bengals is PATHETIC!”

  1. Or (stick with me here) it was the refs and your bias as a chief fan? Hard fought, both side played well, and the only difference is a few calls that just happen to go your way. Look, good luck in the SB I hate the eagles, but don't call people names for having the ability to see. Also, Andy Reid retiring after defeating his former team is something right out of the WWE playbook.

  2. No you don't! I watched that game and the referees alone had 5 sacks and 3 interceptions. Nice try though!

  3. Who else is here before this vid gets blown up

  4. If you think refs won the Chiefs the game then you're even more of a jabroni than the Cincinnati's mayor. Not even the Bengals are complaining about the refs because there calling wasn't even bad. Only you losers who can't except defeat are claiming this.

  5. Getting close to being able to fill arrowhead with your subs!!! HBTC πŸŽ‰

  6. Yo,you speaking straight facts that why your content deserves 1 mil subs

  7. We've seen many badly called games….. this wasn't one of them or one sided. Chiefs lost a touchdown and an interception…… because we got flagged

  8. Pretty much what I've been saying. I'm a Bengals fan, but at no point did we have the upper hand or total control of that game. At no point were we dominating. At the same time the Chiefs weren't exactly dominating either, but ultimately Bengals lost because we beat ourselves with subpar football playing. Not the refs, not Ossai, the team. And fans need to get off Ossai's back already, he knows he fucked up. He's a rookie that did great all season. He just made a mistake, and that mistake didn't cost us anything.

  9. The refs took 14 points off the board for the Chiefs so yea, that's how you fix a game in favor of the Chiefs. Everybody knows fewer points = winning.

  10. 2nd Super Bowl For Mahomes πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ let’s get it !

  11. Hey Baldi btw there was like 20 missed calls for the bengals and like. 2 for the cheifs πŸ’€

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