Bittrex Suspend ZClassic Withdrawels, Bitcoin Private to be Credited

Bittrex have stopped users from depositing or withdrawing ZClassic today. See the official statement below.

Bittrex Statement –

Bittrex Tweet –

Bitcoin Private Tweet –

What’s your view on this?

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20 gedachten over “Bittrex Suspend ZClassic Withdrawels, Bitcoin Private to be Credited”

  1. So now I won't be able to send zclassic to Bittrex after the snapshot to sell it?

  2. Only a couple hours away. So my final question is, I have all my Zclassic in my wallet (thank goodness). Once the snapshot occurs, what do we do with our Zclassic in our wallet in order to claim our BTCP? Will there be a market open so we can use our private keys?

  3. Wallet is online now, it was on maintenance, but u never know when they put it on maintenance again.

  4. Bittrex isn't taking ZCL deposits and Cryptopia ZCL wallet is down. What a cluster.

  5. when will trade shatoshi give out the bitcoin private on march 2 ?

  6. Does anyone know if it's possible to sell zclassic 2-3 min after the snapshot? Because I don't find a place where they are counting the blocks up to 55000 exactly? So how can we be sure when to sell zclassic

  7. You're the only guy out here giving up to the minute info on the fork /BTCP. Just about everyone else has their head in the sand. Great job! New sub!!

  8. Sir the ZCL Price is very much down.. would you advice me to sell it now or hold it ??

  9. Will this make people have a negative view on BTCP from now on? Probably.

  10. So I have my Zclassic on bittrex. When am I gonna receive my BTCP? And after receiving them where should I send them to sell ?

  11. So I kept my ZCL on bittrex, this means that I will get Bitcoin Private? I’m a bit confused by all the messages all over the internet

  12. Hi, i am still holding zcl on bittrex. so how can i get btcp? i need to creat any wallet?

  13. Very serious question. Will there be any problems if I had stop losses set for my zcl and the zcl was in a reserved order? I still owned them, obviously, but there was a pending order to try to get some value back during the massive sell off. Shouldn't make a difference because I still owned them right? but I'm going to be worried until I have the btcp. The zcl never sold by the way. My order was skipped over. But the were sitting in my reserve account not my primary account

  14. Kev i have ZClassic on bittrex since before fork. Still no sign of BTCP. Are they coming?

  15. hi can you tell me about that I have 3.8 btcp shows in bittrex can I withdraw this and how?

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