9 gedachten over “Bittrex Shuts Down US Crypto Exchange Due to Regulations!!!”

  1. Cannot short, trade on margin in USA, only Kraken allows BUT u must have 12mil in your acct, what idiocy

  2. Question Sr, would you happen to know the best bargain deal to send cryptos from Bittrex to my Kucoin or coinbase. I tried sending everything to USDC but the fees are expensive to send as USDC . Any suggestions ?

  3. Same way they stole people's money when dropping a coin type. They will steal your money end of April. Your funds will magically disappear and they will ignore you.

    Trust me. End of April and onwards there will be a flood of people wondering where they money went.

    Bittrex, go to hell. You give crypto a bad name.

  4. How about due to the fact that they got customer rating of 1.3 out of 5. Not good business.

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