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  1. Thanks for pointing that out about the insiders – makes sense and seems to be the only explanation. I'm glad I wasn't able to sign up with Bittrex. I've had issues with HitBTC and to a lesser degree with Cryptopia, but like Kucoin a lot so far.

  2. Thanks for this video Austin, I have 5 ZCL in Bittrex right now, sell, hold or buy more ? 🤔 To tell the truth I don't know!

  3. Spot on. I learnt the hard way on this exact issue also. Can only hope we'll get the Bitcoin Private on Bittrex and make up for the daylight robbery.

  4. mate do you have any idea how can I get my tokens – Bitcoin Private (BTCP) from Fucking Bittrex? my ZCL still in there, I was locked like others and now ZCL is like a nothing, anyway will be good receive some BTCP, can someone help me? Thanks

  5. This sort of behaviour is why regulators come in. Decentralized exchanges have to be the solution here. Anytime you have anything centralized there will always be people who try to take advantage and rip others off. Happens all around us

  6. I'm not knowledgeable enough to know, however this just seems like an ego rant with very little (no) evidence. Obviously you may be right, but these exchanges make an inordinate amount of money without the need for what you're describing. And look at all the whiny comments here. Knowledgeable people or when lambo cry babies? Sure, you've used Bittrex for a while, sure they have high fees, sure you have 4 screens and have probably earned a few quid, but what really do you know? There is very little substance in this video. The 1 down-vote was me

  7. Bittrex is totally criminal in their behavior. Me along with many other people are FURIOUS and voting with our wallets. I just pulled out the last of my ZCL today after the mini pump allowed me to get a whopping $14.50 per ZCL.😤 I sure hope BTCP is still over $200 by the time we can trade it so that those who want to can recover some of their losses. I believe long term BTCP will be fine. With all the f@ckery going out their the short term is anybody's guess.😬🤔

  8. I normally mind my own business but you're wrong on this one. I had all my zclassic in a wallet and none on bittrex. They announced that they would support the fork right before the snapshot and froze the wallets. Just because the wallets are frozen doesn't mean that trading is frozen. That's a common mistake that people make. I immediately bought a few zclassic on bittrex and waited for the snapshot. The instant the dump started I sold my zclassic for about $50 as the dump began. Since the wallets were still frozen I couldn't move anything in or out but I could sell what I already had. It had nothing to do with insiders. Trading was still open the entire time. You have to enter from the main screen instead of trying to use the link in your wallet.

  9. bittrex announced they will partially support the fork (no need to transfer off to a wallet)
    Insiders weren't dumping, the price only started to tank AFTER trading opened. I know because I was trying to sell too – but I fucked up by setting a stop loss instead of a straight sell 🙁
    I remember spamming my set stop loss button for a few minutes before trading opened again. When trading finally opened my stop loss got set but prices tanked. – I repeat prices only started dropping AFTER trading opened. My best guess is other ppl were spamming sell orders the same as I was. I might be wrong, but as far as I can tell, it doesn't look like insider trading.
    I panic sold at $16 instead of $30, it sucks!

  10. Forget about only that, they drove the price down from 1.38 btc down to 1.0 down to .075 within an hour or so, Bittrex dosent freeze these account like it has done to other people? im watched it happen live

  11. People put stop loss order is being so right when it reopened they got a price around 50 or 60 or $70 rather than $30 which literally happened seconds after work but they had already put those Fort stop loss orders in so right when the right when became unfrozen they were able to get those orders in but there was nothing Shady going on. I watched it. There was a couple lucky people got orders in for above $30 but we all knew it was going to tank. If you're upset that that you didn't that you weren't there for those first few seconds when a couple people got it above $50 that's not his fault that's just the way things are. You knew that zclassic was going to tank tank. As long as bittrex gives us our Bitcoin private then they are good with me. You were in it for the Bitcoin private don't be upset that you couldn't sell your zclassic Rover $30 hit it was that $1 before the announcement of the fork selling it $30 or even $10 is a good is a good deal. Claim the bgcp that bittrex gives you and be happy with that. That's fair. I sold my deposit for $30 even though I bought most of it at $180 and I'm happy with that because the point is is that I got in it for a Bitcoin private and as long as b*itrex** give us our Bitcoin private then that's fair.

  12. Your picture reminds me that you are dramatizing just like your news video. I really wished people realized how fake they look. Reminds me of the bitconnect dude with the dreadlocks. He would make dramatic faces to attract viewers. This is your objective. Is youtubw your full time job?

  13. i dont have a word to describe what they did and now they are not even giving away the btcp or say anything about it!

  14. I recently pulled all coins from Bittrex due to what i believe market manipulation. Two events in a couple of days. One event is where I put a coin for sale at my predicted high end price. Left to view another coin for less than 5 minutes. of course the candlestick surpassed my bid significantly but did not sell my coins. The next event really pissed me off to leave.Trying to buy a coin at my predicted low level , suddenly 6000 buy order 1 less of my prediction. So i move my bid up 10 higher. Instant beats me by one less again,. So now I wait a minute to see it go up by timing as usually programs do but it didn't. Cancel bid and they match and then rebid waiting a minute this time. Match my buy bid one less again. Cancelled buy and that 6000 order disappears. Done trading there. Felt complete manipulation trying to buy at candlestick lows. This happened about two weeks max.

  15. yes it was very last minute….so stupid ….but i had my coins in coinomi via bluestacks emulator on my pc…..haven't really used bluestacks after the fork…sent all my btcp to the electrum wallet ….oh blue stacks is good if you want to download the electroneum mining app that is only for android phones….nothing much else

  16. They're screwing everyone on ANON too. Any forks that these exchanges choose not to honor are just stealing. It's theft plain and simple.

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