Bitcoin’s Next Big Move Setting Up Now

Bitcoin’s Next Big Move Setting Up Now

After a brief pause, Bitcoin has surged higher again. What could this mean and what are the potential wave counts on Bitcoin. We look at the charts. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD

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30 gedachten over “Bitcoin’s Next Big Move Setting Up Now”

  1. I love the way you back your comments with possible scenarios. Base on your videos alone, i have always taken a cautious approach to trading measuring risks and taking positions accordingly. U really are a legend! Thanks again and i hope many other followers share the same sentiments.

  2. There is already an option to exclude Bitcoin weekend data on tradingview.

  3. Those who are in bitcoin , don’t call 9k to 10k big move
    So we need 10k move in a month and that’s what we will call a big move, bcoz if we need to cross 100k or 200k these 1k moves will be daily volatility

  4. I thought you said it was going to bottom and here we are today

  5. "If Bitcoin has bottomed, This is what could happen next!" – what will happen next is that Alesio will realize that most of his videos, while throwing all the flowery words and his technical tools (that hardly worked), are terribly wrong.

    He potentially had made his 190k+ subscribers missed the bottom. That is terrible. I mean, that is really terrible.

    And what's funny is, his vids will say "something that 99 percent people are wrong", "something that nobody is seeing". HAHAHAHAH yeah of course, coz most of the time, if not always, he see the opposite of what will really happen. He always see something, that no one does. Where is he? In some wonderland? Alesio in wonderland? LOL

    I'm excited to see next video for the next trivia XD

  6. Seems very good news that Binance cut off service to the US. This is because people in the US will not be able to get 'altcoins' as easily and therefore will more likely invest in the King of coins…Bitcoin.

  7. I still haven't mastered taking profits 😂👍
    Should I just skim and sell enough to cover whatever green figure I have? Or sell the whole bag then sit and wait for a sizeable dip and risk missing out on a continued rise?

  8. Imo.. Just stick to structure analysis. Just trendlines and peak and bottom support and resistance lines. Will make you more successful than all those lagging indicators. Or crazy theory mumbo jumbo.

  9. Bro. You missed the bottom and every video you post contradicts the last.

  10. Why would there be a chart without weekend data, bitcoin never sleeps! The rest of the world need to keep up with the times

  11. What BTC chart can I use that excludes weekend data Alessio? Or where can I find it?

  12. Try something real, Trade with the best with strategies that never fails. I trade with Mr. Sanjay, my trading agent and reason for my success in the market. been under his mentorship now for 3 months and I can testify to his reliability. Try something real and leave out the story tellers

  13. Alessio we appreciate your analysis.. It is always spot on.. Can you please analyze ethereum on your next video… A brief analysis

  14. Can anyone explain why the price of bitcoin goes up? If it's a currency then it would be considered deflated no? because the buying power keeps going down?

    I'm just wondering, I invest heavily in cryptos, I'm just not sure what the argument for bitcoin is value wise. How do you value it?

    See my gold channel how to invest in gold stocks, physical gold and GLD CTFs

  15. Honestly to everybody in the crypto sphere now is the time to accumulate as much as possible. Don’t be dissuaded by the sideways movement the bulls are strong and are here to stay and we are headed for over $10,000 in a few days. Very soon the price of Bitcoin would moon and buying 1 bitcoin would be out of the reach of the average man. This is your only chance to become a millionaire overnight not by hodling your coins waiting for the eventual bull run but by accumulating and increasing your portfolio. You can do this by dollar cost averaging which is expensive or by trading which is less expensive and effective. Trading can be disastrous if you are not seasoned or an expert that’s why I use the services of signal providers I have used many service providers but none comes close to Gérard Barrientos his signals and strategies are always accurate and easy to understand and implement in your trades. Ever since I started trading with him I have been on a consistent wining and profit streak, I have a total of 20 bitcoin in my portfolio because of his help. You can contact him via gerardbarrientos6672@gmailcom or on WhatsApp +447427159640 if you are looking to increase your portfolio or have any crypto related inquiries. Once more now is the time to accumulate as much as possible.

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  17. Nash Exchange to the Moon! Un the Next year! Is the new legal binance! To U.S.A

  18. BTC went to 11k last night. You completely called it. I’m a believer.

  19. He was so right… so many times. Keep it up Alessio! Following you for a descent time now. If i would be in doubt about your analysis, i would've already left – like i did with others.

  20. I wish I had never heard Allesio, he is a disaster in crypto analysis., that is why, he rarely trade Bitcoin

  21. Step away from all of this poison. Grow your own food and build a good rapport with those that do. Crypto is an advanced control mechanism. They can turn it off whenever they choose. You've been put on a very early notice beloved.

  22. I got payed off max value of $4300 investing $950 nice combo. On both sides bitcoin

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