Bitcoin Will Save Democracy From The Oligarchy Says RFK Jr!

Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently attended a Bitcoin conference, and enjoyed a rousing response when he described the cryptocurrency as a critical hedge against government tyranny and a tool to counter the oligarchy.

Jimmy speaks with well-known Bitcoin pioneer and evangelist Max Keiser about RFK Jr.’s endorsement of Bitcoin and the myriad ways Bitcoin is superior to a fiat currency like the dollar or even gold.

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30 gedachten over “Bitcoin Will Save Democracy From The Oligarchy Says RFK Jr!”

  1. If governments decide to really fight Bitcoin, Bitcoin will lose.

  2. Bitcoin will save the planet. Banks are corrupt! you can't trust the gov. or banks with your money

  3. Since the fed cannot control bitcoin, i assume they'll conspire with the criminals in the Senate and pass a law making bitcoin illegal to own.

  4. Yeah some type of money that they can freeze instantly. This is why I like rfk Jr. But would never recommend my congressmen to vote for him

  5. Yes we have oligarchs who rule over the peasants but what the land of the greed and home of the Slave really is is a free range fascist dictatorship with the illusion of choice Jimmy.

  6. I've been accumulating Bitcoin since 2017 but I also stack Gold and Silver because if they decide to bring down the internet, or there's a global EMT, then your crypto wont be accessible.

  7. I see a possible scenario of Trump getting screwed by the republicans in the primaries and a third party Trump-Kennedy ticket emerging.. RFK was in Trump’s cabinet and Trump has a ling relationship with the Kennedy family. Don’t rule it out!

  8. Bunch of bullshit. I hear monopoly. I hear globalization. I hear moving toward one entity.

  9. I like RFK but he's wrong on bitcoin..bitcoin was created by NSA its a government coin and its not anonymous AS EVIDENCED by the fact that FBI was able to track and recuperate the 200 million in bitcoin paid as ransom to release the American oil pipeline when it was hacked in 2020. Also the four satoshis were interviewed by homeland security in 2018 they know who the 4 satoshis are …rfk is wrong about bitcoin being the liberty coin its actually the trap we will all walk into

  10. IWhile RFK Jr. gives me hope, I will wait to jump for joy, We have ha so many promising political movements , Brnie, Obama, etc, only be be disappointed in the end! Lets hope we can eventually really be free with real democracy

  11. Bitcoin is not solving any major problems
    Money is always a problem
    This shows RFK is a scam
    Here me now quote me later
    Would love to be wrong

  12. You have to be so dumb to believe Bitcoin supposedly solves anything

    Besides the energy costs, it's just another tool for you to get your material needs
    But as long as there is money where one can gain enough to dominate others – which Bitcoin actually allows even more than fiat – then your gonna have the same problem
    Now the banks mess you up, the new banks/kings/queens will be the Bitcoin millionaires because they will have so much wealth to dominate us

    No wonder we are in this situation when people are so effin dumb

  13. What a charlatan this guy is – do y'all honestly don't see it???

  14. Don't you all understand that the only reason fiat and banks have value and power is because of the state?

    Bitcoin isn't "decentralized" any less than fiat, only to the extent we allow it as people
    So if Bitcoin is another currency people choose to use, the state or anyone else who can impose authority will be the one doing exactly what the state and the banks do

    Like we could literally as a society now nullify Bill Gates money if we just chose to
    And if you aren't willing to do so now, you won't be able to do it with Bitcoin either

    I don't understand how people can be so effin scammed by this

    Right now it's biggest use case is using it as a pyramid scheme for personal enrichment – I am not against this at all, rather the opposite

    But let's not pretend as if calling money something else changes anything
    Money is only as worth as people decide it is

    If not clear enough – whoever became the bank today will just become the bank for Bitcoin later
    In other words, the state could go to Bitcoin, just like the state gave banks certain powers

  15. Wtf Jimmy – the example with the truckers only gives the state power because we as citizens accept that authority

    If Bitcoin is the currency of use, then the state will get to Bitcoin, effectively doing the same thing – this is how power works

    You are basically saying "oh, if the truckers had bitcoin they couldn't be shut down"
    It's the same as "if people would support the truckers with stuff they need they wouldn't be shut down"

    Money is just what we allow as a currency to be the stuff people need
    It's just everyone is so effin stupid and brainwashed they don't understand it
    When you buy shit, you don't use money, it's just numbers in space we've agreed should have value
    Same goes here

    Sad and disappointed you don't get this Jimmy

  16. If you want to know more about Bitcoin or economic principals, look up Saifedean Ammous or read his books 'The Bitcoin Standard' and then 'The Fiat Standard'. Very elucidating both historically, and politically

  17. Whoever made that lecturn without height adjustment needs to be dragged by their neckbeard to Bukele's firing squad

  18. No, but can’t is not gonna help the people OK RFK OK I like a lot of his things but on this one the BitCom, no it’s the gold who will free us all because right now if we still have that federal reserve banks that is owned by not with the people anymore, it is owned and controlled by the largest corporation in the world If that goes down, then all these billionaires and millionaires will lose everything, including the slaves that works for them and give them the money in the federal reserve. Remember, we had gold and remember the 9/11 that was their distraction of taking the gold out and putting it in the Swiss bank for the Elites for themselves. The FBI was the first one in hand and second is the other responders, and now we know that the CIA and FBI are the most corrupt agency in the world.

  19. this dude kennedy is just another friggen establishment psyop. democracy is over people. time to do something else … … …

  20. Jimmy, I wish you had chosen a more articulate spokesperson for your Bitcoin episode. You asked so many good questions but Max did at best a mediocre job answering them. Maybe you can host a similar email episode with Robert Breedlove.

  21. Sadly Bitcoin isn't as secure as this guy is saying. I've read articles of FBI confiscating Bitcoin from people

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