Bitcoin Will Go 20X Price Will Go To 1M$ in 2023 – Raoul Pal Crypto Crash Interview 2023

Bitcoin Will Go 20X Price Will Go To 1M$ in 2023 – Raoul Pal Crypto Crash Interview 2023 @CryptoCrash.

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4 gedachten over “Bitcoin Will Go 20X Price Will Go To 1M$ in 2023 – Raoul Pal Crypto Crash Interview 2023”

  1. I still believe 2023 is a bad year..we r going up then down big time…but run fr btc will start late nxt ye

  2. bitcoin should hit aprx 9,400.00 USD this year, then slowly up from there

  3. Bitcoin will go back to 10000 USD. World economy is bad shape, qith liquidity taken off and high interest rate, it will be very difficult for BTC to cross even 30K

  4. Ridiculous to say BTC will reach 1 million dollars in 2023.I can bet with this guy that Bitcoin will not reach 1 million in 2023. It will reach 1 million dollar for sure but not in 2023. It will reach that mark next decade

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