Bitcoin VS Monero xmr 🔥 Bitcoin price 🔥 Xmr monero 🔥 Bitcoin news 🔥 Btc price Xmr prediction crypto

Xmr monero 🔥 Bitcoin news 🔥 Btc price 🔥 Xmr prediction price 🔥 Bitcoin VS Monero xmr 🔥 Bitcoin price
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⚡ What is monero xmr crypto
A Private, Secure, And Untraceable Cryptocurrency.
Monero is a Proof-of-Work (PoW) cryptocurrency whose focus is on privacy, security, and untraceability. Its first block was mined in 2014.
Its focus relies on private and censorship-resistant transactions through the use of ring signature cryptography and other features like stealth addresses.
Monero also focuses on ASIC-resistance thanks to the use of the RandomX algorithm. Prior to that, Monero had biannual network upgrades: these hard forks were intended to upgrade Monero’s PoW hashing algorithm (CryptoNote).
Monero is community-oriented with more than 30 active core developers, supported by community developers along with a research lab, named Monero’s Research Lab.
Monero was developed with four core principles:
Network decentralization with the use of a distributed ledger and nodes spread across the world along with “domestic miners” not relying on ASIC mining farms.
Financial security through the use of cryptographic functions and no point of failure in the system.
Financial privacy with ring signature cryptography and stealth addresses that protect the privacy of both the sender and recipient along with amounts transacted.
Fungibility i.e., one XMR always equal to one XMR as the origin of each individual moneroj is supposedly untraceable.

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