Bitcoin vs Monero (It’s War)

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In this video, I continue my investigation into Monero vs. Bitcoin and examine more trade-offs that Monero has made, in order to increase privacy at the base layer.

In particular, I examine how common hard forks are for Monero, especially compared to Bitcoin. Does this imply that the devs have more control than they should in leading the Monero community? Repeated hard forks could certainly hurt Monero’s potential classification as a digital commodity by the SEC.

My own belief is that a protocol that strives to be money should not be changing things at the base layer/protocol level as frequently as Monero does.

If the future of Bitcoin and Monero transactions ends up being off-chain, Bitcoin may have a big advantage thanks to its head start with Layer 2 solutions like the Lightning Network, eCash (Fedimint, Cashu), and statechains.

I conclude by examining some very interesting tweets by Francis Pouliot which examine the greater context of Monero’s privacy by discussing anonymity sets, as well as the liquidity and saleability of XMR compared to BTC.

To understand the context of this discussion, you should first watch these videos, and read Seth’s and Howard Chu’s responses to me:

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  1. WARNING: There are a number of scammers who are using my image and
    channel name to try to connect with my viewers on WhatsApp and other
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    "my personal trader" or try to connect with you personally to sell you
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  2. Can’t they work together: You buy btc anonymously with xmr?

  3. Finally you are slowly realising that you were completely ignorant about monero.

  4. Hi, Matt. I'm curious what your reservations with Wasabi wallet are? It seems like a good wallet since it is open-source and has recently teamed up with Trezor to enhance privacy for many individuals

  5. To be honest, all of your "mights', "coulds", "ifs", "perhaps", "in the future" are skewed 100% in favor of BTC and 100% against XMR so this video is of much less value than others.

  6. Get ready for a Bezos token pump, look at the comments pumping AZ033T on this video, and many other comments and videos like this, hundreds of likes and ZERO COMMENTS. Some $hitbag is pumping it to dump it and it ain't Bezos as he gives away 100s of millions. I listened to Berwick talk positively about Monero recently, and Diro, so I figured I better come back to Trader University again, vids I already saw in my feed over the last few weeks, to get the straight answer.

  7. The only part in this you got wrong is saying Monero is decentralized. It’s not.

  8. As for storage and costs. If it's true the hardware keeps up with the monero's block size. That would mean the price of running full Bitcoin nice would get cheaper over time.

  9. People who donated bitcoin to the truckers in Canada had there bank accounts frozen people who donated monero did not!!!! Long live monero!!!!

  10. Monero have several hardforks, but never forked like Bitcoin did. There is no BCH, BSV, etc in Monero, why? Because the community has a very clear goal and it's a full consensus.
    No ASIC Dominance, more decentralization. A public BUT NOT TRANSPARENT ledger to store your wealth and perform day2day transactions.
    Monero is technically better at everything than Bitcoin, except for the brand recognition.

    There is simply no debate here. Also, quoting posts from 2019 is pathetic, the Monero protocol has tremendously evolved since 2019!
    The anonymity set is huge and detecting amounts and receivers is beyond the reach of any entity.

  11. It’s funny cause all BIPs are hardforks controlled by a couple of mining companies in bitcoin… you think we just don’t have any criteria or technology knowledge wen most of us are dedicated to this. Meanwhile the fed keeps wining

  12. I dont believe Monero is supposed to be a long term store of value, it is a privacy coin. The point of Monero is to obfuscate the human behind the transaction.

  13. Well, I am not sending any coin without going over Monero a couple of times. Public blockchains are dangerous in my opinion, and it is true that they do not have a true fungibility because it is easy to blacklist wallets. What happens if your BTC were once in contact with some criminal activity and you can't sell them? No fungibility there.

    BTW if I recall correctly with the Seraphis fork, the problem with the bloating blockchain will be addressed.

  14. -"Fiat had a gigantic head start but Bitcoin will win out because it is principally superior in design."
    -"Isn't Monero superior to Bitcoin in design?"
    -"Well, whatever you think of Monero's capabilities, it's really bitcoin's head start that's gonna make it the real winner here."

  15. Hello Matthew.

    You have been very kind to Monero. Most Monero users don't realise what a pass Bitcoiners give them. Yet, Monerans continue to attack Bitcoin.

    With any coin, including Bitcoin, there is always the possibility of an "inflation bug". In the early days, one was found on Bitcoin and dealt with.

    Monero is more complicated than Bitcoin, so bugs are more likely.

    If your coin is not a privacy coin, you can deal with it. You can see the bug increase supply, you can characterise the bug quickly, and developers can fix it quickly. There may even have been a user-activated hard fork before the inflation started if it was sufficiently severe.

    If you have found an inflation bug on a privacy coin, and you want to benefit from it, you may choose to exploit it and increase supply. Maybe 10x or more. Nobody can see the supply increase because the transaction amounts are hidden. You become the central bank. You control the future money supply. You determine the price.

    You might report the bug to the developers, but they may never know how many coins you created. Even if they did, they may never be able to roll the chain back far enough to when the bug was exploited, without destroying the coin. They may choose not to look.

  16. Imagine fighting a war with a guy 100x smaller than you and he still has a chance to win. From a non american looking from the outside, where did i saw this before?

    Great video btw, thanks man !!

  17. Smug Bitcoiner sidechain governance token doing very well I see despite ravages of current bear market if this channel owner is anything to go by lol. True miner decentralisation, privacy by default and long term lower coin inflation rules ergo why Monero owns BTC and doesn't need centralised Lightning network to scale either – with much lower fees to boot! Did I mention it can't be classed as a security either? 😂

  18. Without conducting further research, the contrasting fact that one cryptocurrency has a limited supply while the other is unlimited seems to offer a preliminary insight into the fundamental differences between Bitcoin and Monero.

  19. what are your thoughts on brining usdc and usdc on bitcoin network with the btc network becoming the settlement layer

  20. Bitcoin will be digital gold
    Monero will be digital cash

    Once cash is gone, people will want privacy…

  21. When people realized btc is not like cash they will flock to XMR 📸 this!

    Not financial advice

  22. The biggest flaw of Bitcoin is that it is not fungible. There are good and bad bitcoins.

  23. If BTC is slow now, can you imagine in the next 20-30 years how useless will it be? BTC is a dwarf in technological sense. But more importantly, government will never allow currency that it can not control, period. Governments control money, they manipulate narratives, historical data, they change laws and adapt to new situations… they won't be restricted with some hippie idealistic cryptocurrency. It is naïve and silly to even think that they would.

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