Bitcoin TRILLION Marketcap – Bullshit? 🧨 Stock to Flow Weakness and Strength



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Good Morning Crypto

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist

30 gedachten over “Bitcoin TRILLION Marketcap – Bullshit? 🧨 Stock to Flow Weakness and Strength”

  1. Teeka didn’t even explain the halving correctly!! He recommended Link which is ok but to invest $500 in link to get back a million is a pipe dream. Another one I heard he recommended had $8 in volume for 24 hours. I wouldn’t pay $2500 for his picks.

  2. I learned about BTC Stock to flow ratio is not accurate in predicting the future price movement of BTC. At the current time need more data sets over a longer period of time.

  3. That In the Park of FOMO for safe side take a path of fundamentals …..! Ivan valuable topics
    Thanks Man

  4. I learnt more about bitcoin macro analysis. Cheers

  5. I learned if model suspuciously overlays with real data, it can be quite often wrong (overfitting)

  6. Hello Ivan, today i learned that overfitting results is a suspictious way to make previsions.

  7. Hey Ivan, thank you for the great video and the valuable information in it. I wanted to comment on one point, which struck my ear: Someone asked what you think about "pi-token", and you replied you don't have an opinion about it. A few minutes later someone in the chat commented "pi-network is scam", and you read it aloud. At least to me this gave an impression this is your opinion, or at least that you accept that comment. "Pi-network" refers to PChain, a project, which you covered in a sponsored episode some time ago. It is a legit project and it is being developed nicely. "Scam" means something else, unless one is a bitcoin maximalist who thinks everything else is a scam apart from BTC. I think it would be fair to reclaim this or at least see such a thing does not happen in the future with some other project that is being developed nicely.

  8. I'm so happy! Ivan you are such a trendsetter. Thank you for adopting the word "halving"!!! Now hopefully people will stop using that other silly word.

  9. I learned about overfitting data in models. Thanks for great stream Ivan!

  10. I don’t think that a 3rd-party, pre-existing model can be considered “overfitted” to a new set of data. The original model had nothing to do with the new data. If anything, someone picked a model that seemed to fit, but it is not overfitting.

  11. I learned need 32 ETH to become a validating node. Mike

  12. Love you Ivan , you are the best 😁. I learnt that past outcomes do not guarantee future ones. The world is too complex. Predictions are really educationed guesses.

  13. Bitcoin will need to increase by a total of 72% from the current price to reach the $16,000 target level this October. Considering the fact that Bitcoin has surged by a total of 127% over the past 3 months alone, it is not too outlandish to suggest that it can continue to reach $16,000 by surging another everybody should buy more and join the train before its goes to the Moon as Predicted, for me i advice you multiply the little you have with Rupica’s strategy, I made a return on investment of more than 250% in my first month since I got in touch with him, I haven't seen strategies as specific as his! Get familiar with him through His Telegram – Rupicapurii , Thank me later

  14. Great show Ivan! Overfitting data is something i struggled with while learning to develop trading algorithms. I've always wondered if overfitting was possible. You sir have confirmed this! This was my lesson

  15. I learned that S2F is not perfect… but that imperfection is why we have such an opportunity!

  16. How many blocks have there been? 600k you have 600k data points.

  17. I learned stock to flow is great but there isn't enough data for it to be accurate. I also learned this competition forces me to reflect on what I learned. That makes the stuff I learn stick more. Thanks

  18. I have learned that when designing a model it is easy to overfit it if you have too little data.

  19. Hi Ivan ! I learned that you and many other content creators have become my source of real tech innovation news and insights of the world! I learn new things form everyone. What is most important is that we share and give back.

  20. I learned that we don't have enough data to predict the bitcoin price by stock to flow ratio.

  21. I learned from you about atomic swap & submarine swap
    Need more collab about tech innovation

  22. Lies damn lies and statistics can be made to fit!! 6800 c'mon

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  24. Data shows btc always bottoms out after a death cross which was charted with the recent dump to $7,400 indicating the correction is complete and we should revisit $7,714 in a few hours to days time which once broken through would see btc in the 8K region again. Pile up now people and see what happens in the next few months as it would be a positive shocker. For guidance in doing this, my final stop is Caleb Easterby's trade alert which has helped me triple my worth in btc already in just a fortnight. This is someone which I believe has the most accurate signals in the space and is always available to give a helping hand (WhatsApp +31 635250332 or Telegram (@Easterby) ) on how to trade profitably.

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