“Bitcoin To Hit $220,000 This Year” predicts Max Keiser

laatste update: 05-2022

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Edited by Michael Wurum

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30 gedachten over ““Bitcoin To Hit $220,000 This Year” predicts Max Keiser”

  1. Definitely gives me the vibe that the country is being looted. I can't see either of these parties lasting in their current form.

  2. Amazing vid! You need more subscribers! Take a look at PromoSM, I used it on my main channel and it helped me rank my videos!

  3. Blockchain is perfect working digital Communism, except that the value derived from it is just a Ponzi scheme. That's why early comers lure you so frantically.

  4. Never understood the logic that because the dollar is manipulated that people would flock to an even more manipulated commodity as it's successor.

  5. Very interesting, Jimmy's guest describes how the wealth concentrates and how they get bailed out if they etc… ssi disability is certainly not set up this way.

  6. $220,000 ?? More like 96k Need to work your numbers. Bit-Coin has to be back by something ALL Currency has to be backed by something? Which Max doesn't say what that is. Bit-Coin is the Foundation for other currency's that use the same type of Hash Dogecoin , LiteCoin and others. Ethereum and Cardano work on a different type of block chain. They are Backed by EFTs (Digital Art that cant be reproduced) and other infrastructure Backs those. NOTHING BACKS THE US DOLLAR anymore . We have exhausted Preto Dollars and Natural Resource Dollars. That what happens when you have monopoly on a resource . Monopoly's in the end are self defeating. That's why every Empire in History has fallen.

  7. Keiser is sugarcoating it in his answer to the question about a potential response by the elites. They can easily tank the crypto markets. The could outlaw usage, outlaw exchanges, create their own crypto and make it the only legal crypto. You can point correctly that it is decentralized but in the case of bitcoin it recquires enormous hardware infrastructure. You could outlaw mining in the american imperial bloc. It doesnt need to be crushed, just attacked enough that its value no longer make it a interesting choice. The central banks are talking about how to react to the crypto phenomenon. If you watch dore you realize how dire the situation is in term of political freedom. to think the elites cant react and wont use extreme means if necessary to answer this challenge to one of the tool of oppression they possess is not realistic.

  8. When is Max Keiser coming back on to eat crow about his prediction that bitcoin will hit $200,000 this SUMMER? Summer is over and bitcoin is worth less now than when he appeared in this video.

  9. Love you Jimmy. But bitcoin is just virtual currency they are trying to tell you it is "un-hackable" (w/e tf that means). Give it a few years and peoples whole wallets will disappear. How about instead of investing in what is literally a pyramid scheme, you invest in the gold and lithium these nerds need for the computers that harvest this intangible money.

  10. this guy is full of right wing talking points. printing money creates inflation BECAUSE so much goes to non-productive segments – and i dont mean welfare queens, I mean sequestered in tax havens. If printed money goes to productive segments, eg working p[eople and small business it can drive prices down via investment in production and human resources.

  11. Yes it's something we need to do to fight back but question, way do the bit coin groups sell their coin from Fiat money? To pay your bill its still only excepting Fiat money and if you run into computer problems you can't easily convert bit coin back to Fiat money timely enough to pay for a flat tire. Why would bit coin except Fiat money seing how bad Fiat money is?

  12. 220?? lmao.. when the chinese government goes after the bitcoin holders laundering corrupt money.. oh boy

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