11 gedachten over “Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash Conversion Day Special (2/3) Elon Musk is dead 2 Bitcoin #BTC #BCH #FUCKELON”

  1. Views on Views! Bitcoin Cash to the Moon!

  2. Xrp is considered 100,000 times more energy efficient then bitcoin..what do you think about mass adoption in xrp as well

  3. Liked & shared . Despite all the hate & censorship at the end truth will prevail and people will realize BCH is the Bitcoin Satoshi meant to be : P2P electronic cash for rich&poor anyone, anywhere in the world !

  4. Ethereum is essentially ETC 2.0 just like Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is BTC 2.0. So why hold onto outdated tech. Be ahead of the curve and get into BCH while its cheap

  5. to be fair if he is going to get into BCH …you can't expect him to turn on a dime ……….there has to be some kind of bullshit narrative for the change over ..

    even if we lose this one, Bitcoin Cash is here to stay ….it's inevitable

  6. Hahaha that hashtag! <3 the world is full of pump and dumpers… we just keep building 🙂

  7. BCH is in a mega downtrend. It's the only top-10 crypto that hasn't gotten even close to Its previous all-time-high from 2017. And it's still proof-of-work. In no way superior than BTC.

    BTC has decisively performed a three-fold increase from its 2017 all-time-high. And its NORMAL corrections have become more gentle than ever before. BTC is currently in a mega uptrend.

    CONCLUSION: No, I won't sell a single Satoshi / BTC for BCH, LoL!

  8. I appreciate what you are doing to boost the profile of BCH. I'm an investor.

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