Bitcoin Private (BTCP) & Litecoin Cash (LCC) | What You Need to Know…

laatste update: 08-2022

πŸ€“πŸ’₯Bitcoin Private (BTCP) and Litecoin Cash (LCC) are two of the latest Cryptocurrency forks making the news headlines. Bitcoin
Private is a fork of the Bitcoin network which incorperates the privacy principles of Zclassic (ZCL). Litecoin Cash is a fork of the
Litecoin network which operates on the SHA256 algorithm, allowing it to be mined with Bitcoin mining hardware. Both forks are still not being accepted by major exchanges and you should be
aware of the risks involved with claiming your coins… πŸ€“πŸ’₯

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– Bitcoin Private (BTCP)

– Litecoin Cash (LCC)


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  2. Im not a big fan of many forked coins tbh. Also from what Ive researched Zclassic's privacy technology wasn't the best compared to the tech of other privacy coins like Monero. I don't know how well this coin will be adopted when if your serious about privacy there are far better alternatives. These mixed utility coins, coins trying to be store of value and also privacy coins areΒ usually not very good and leave a lot to be desired. Its better to focusΒ your tech on one specific utility a lot of the time to be able to compete in the marketΒ IMO.Β LCC is a straight out scam and was obvious from the start. Even big Charlie Lee called it that and he doesn't like talking smack about other peoples projects usually.

  3. Ive been researching privacy and crypto since 2013 and I can tell you that this is the best privacy feature in the industry. For reasons I don't have time to explain here, monero and others can be traced by the government, Snarks cannot. Also, bitcoins blockchain has had the best developers working on it for years, it's simply the best coded blockchain period. BTCP actually has a use case unlike the other forks, privacy still remains the most important feature in crypto. As a full time crypo investor trader and some software developer experience, I can tell you that BTCP will do very well in 2018.

  4. The only reason bittrex and many other exchanges hasn't listed btcp is because segwit isn't implemented yet. Keep in mind bittrex and other exchanges have never created a wallet, than not list a trading pair after. That just doesn't happen.

  5. U seriously make great points, but maybe you should research the projects before you comment on them. I do believe that LCC is a scam coin but BTCP is different. Not going into detail why, but the developers are working with BTC as a collaboration. BTC holders need privacy and as of now, users go to Monero. Why not stay within the brand and adopt BTCP? Privacy is the differencial difference..

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