laatste update: 06-2022

Learn the difference between a Bitcoin Node & a Bitcoin Miner and why they are both important to the operation of the Bitcoin Network.

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30 gedachten over “BITCOIN NODE VS MINER – WHATS THE DIFFERENCE?! in 2022”

  1. There's a new Node deploying company called StrongNode. Feels like it's doing everything right by making Nodes run on basically everything. And it utilizes Edge computing to bring servers close to you so there's a huge demand for it in the Server renting market

  2. Hi, Subscriber here and enjoy to your content! Have you heard of or experienced the ABZ miner? Thanks for doing what you do!

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  5. Am I on the right track here in saying that essentially Nodes keep track of the transactions and account balances to make sure the network is all real and legitimately up to day while the mining more so helps with the supply and approving of transactions that are taking place. The key link being that all the transactions that the mining approves are cross checked with the blockchains existing ledger records on the nodes to ensure the record of transactions continues on the same pattern is has so far as more and more transactions occur?

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