Bitcoin NFTs?! Ordinals & What They Mean for BTC πŸ’₯

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30 gedachten over “Bitcoin NFTs?! Ordinals & What They Mean for BTC πŸ’₯”

  1. While Bitcoin (BTC) has never been fungible and is often compared to a non-fungible token (NFT), its lack of privacy has also become a concern. Recent reports have even revealed that pornography is being uploaded to the BTC blockchain. In contrast, #EpicCash offers a range of advantages as a private cryptocurrency that can be used as a medium of exchange, store of value, and unit of account. As more individuals become aware of these benefits, they may opt to transfer their BTC holdings to Epic Cash, especially as BTC's value declines and its privacy concerns persist.

  2. These NFTs will clog the block size of Bitcoin and increase transaction prices. Good for the miners but bad for the regular user.
    Fuck these developers injecting NFTs on Bitcoin.

  3. btc was already doomed.. ordinals puts the nail in the coffin to it's future. the blockchain will swell so much that few will have the full blockchain, compromising the security.
    so it doesn't matter how much hash power it has, it will get attacked on the data-side.
    This is why I #Decred. Voters would never allow that kind of crap to happen on #DCR.

  4. Bitcoin Ordinals are another use-case for BTC – likely something that Satoshi didn't intend for but a use case nonetheless! Great Explanation!

  5. Hmm… i can see how this leads to the BTC PoS push… and I don’t like it… 🀬

  6. They are nice but you can’t tokenize assets like that. Still need eth

  7. Bitcoin Ordinals Protocol could be a great feature for Data Security as a security "entry key" to log in to portals.

  8. Waste of block space. Ought to be made non-standard with a taproot script size limit.

  9. Ordinals finance's ofi token will save the bitcoin blockchain from idleness and make it productive, gentlemen ofi's work is as valuable as avax and link.We are holding a very valuable coin right now, when the market know ofi's goal then the price can go to incredible placesπŸ˜œπŸš€

  10. I don't understand how you have such clarity in comprehension of Bitcoin and cannot see that BSV IS Bitcoin…baffling.

  11. Great idea. Turn Bitcoin into a hobbled Ethereum so the SEC can classify it as a Security.

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