Bitcoin Holders – Max Keiser OPENS UP About Peter Schiff

laatste update: 05-2022

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30 gedachten over “Bitcoin Holders – Max Keiser OPENS UP About Peter Schiff”

  1. 3:20 destroy his life? wth is he talking about? it would be worse if Schiff owned Bitcoin all these years and lied about it.

  2. Elon Musk is smart and he knows Bitcoin is bullshit.
    Anyone who denies that is a liar.
    99% of people only hope for making money out of crypto, nothing else.

  3. I would have not attacked Peter like that but after seeing him do that just made me look at BTC a little different. I hold both BTC and gold but most of the BTC Maxey are starting to sound like ponzi sceam sales men. I wont sale my BTC but I am starting to get worried about it.

  4. How did Peter schiff destroy his career ? The guy owns several mansions and runs one of biggest investment firm in world …

    BTC is joke it’s a CREDIT CARD system copy cat ….

    It’s basically u convert Dollars to Digital currency like u put u money in bank account and becomes digital

    The only difference is you need MINERS to verify transactions while when u put u money in bank BANKS verify you transaction

    BTC is most pointless tech on planet it’s used just to pump and dump and when. Regulators come they will target the MINERS , exchanges and 1% wallets then it’s over

    BTC is a scam

  5. I suspect he is saying 'fiat addicted' because SR is perpetually bullish on Gold (shill?), and he does not want to put the host in an awkward position.

  6. Choice #1 : trust Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Elon Musk and Peter Schiff
    Choice #2: who cares : I chose #1

  7. Stock's are crashing, Bitcoin investment Right now will be at every wise individuals list , in a month you will be ecstatic with the decision you made today

  8. People misunderstood Elon Musk's comment saying "Bitcoin is almost as bullshit as Fiat money". Phrased differently, Bitcoin is less bullshit than Fiat money. Not sure how people missed that.

  9. Its mind blowing how the Billionares making money. In order to make couple euros more, i have to work extra long hours and do side hustle. Saylor just has to convince a few other CEOs about Bitcoin, and soon his investment will take off. He will make billions for sure.

  10. I will listen to Schiff, Rickards and Musk instead of Max, Max said himself it takes along time to understand. If we go down tomorrow , what would you accept a gold piece or something in cyberspace. People dont even understand credit cards. This is a chain letter scheme.
    I dont see pensions , CBs and banks buying shitcoin, A whale wants u to buy so they can get out. Anything complicated is stupid . Its all bullshit bitcoin fixed amount, not hackable. Its is non regulated so watch out if we have crooks now with regulation

  11. I am glad there are Bozos like Peter out there because there are many more like him, good, more opportunities for the common man to get his small piece of the rock before the uber rich and connected swallow it up!

  12. What can a person do with btc, other than trade. You have to sell to get money to buy anything. That shows the usefulness of the dollar and the uselessness of btc.

  13. Max sounds like Bitcoin Sales Rep. No one is buying Bitcoin to preserve their wealth. People are buying Bitcoin to get rich quick. Just like the stock market right now. This totally looks like a Ponzi Scheme. Bitcoin has huge downside risk but everybody too high off of BTC to realize this. Bitcoin is digital fiat 🙄. Do what the central banks are doing 🧠. I will admit Bitcoin is a great way to make money off of greater fools 😁.

  14. What Max was saying about pulling out the key's, he's referring to how derivatives must be settled on expiration date, and just how exactly some one trading that instrument exclusively would receive their BTC settlements in the form of private key ownership from the derivative products , Just like how if you hold oil barrel futures until expiry, you are expected to recieve the full shipment of barrels of oil you were trading.

  15. 💯I believe Peter Schiff is another typical wealthy businessman who has a high level of arrogance and pride. He is still extremely salty about being wrong on bitcoin predictions from years ago. He’s probably thinking that he would be a fool to buy and now when the price is going up exponentially since he had many opportunities to buy at much lower levels.

  16. The weirdo in the purple glasses is insufferable to listen to. Cannot even bring up an argument of Peters to defend, instead he results to saying Peter needs to die…. This guy is a LOON.

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