Bitcoin Holders LAUGHS at SEC’s Gary Gensler

Today let’s talk Bitcoin, Crypto, and about the US market. Despite the SEC lawsuit, Bitcoin rallied today. What does this mean for the crypto market?

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0:00 Intro
0:45 Bitcoin Charts
1:40 SEC sues Coinbase
5:00 Bitcoin and news price reaction
6:40 SEC files restraining order against Binance
8:50 Ripple CEO predicts end to SEC case
10:20 Gary Gensler says US doesn’t need Crypto
13:35 Altcoins
14:28 Jim Cramer on Crypto
16:10 Q&A

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30 gedachten over “Bitcoin Holders LAUGHS at SEC’s Gary Gensler”

  1. U guys remember when Gary promote ALGO ? Then few days ago call it security make it make sense

  2. Sec objectif is control and put everything as a security then after define what is a security

  3. Clearly Gary Gonad is under direction from above He has been set up to take it for the team as a missdirection for a bigger goal. Woulndnt be supprise it reaches higher including drudge chorez and beyond. I sus they have something on Gonad. Wouldnt dismiss he could of visited Epstein Island either. Just too neferious and so much dishonesty and evil surrounds the whole situation.

  4. i think Gary is not in control. He has to protect the banks, the dollar and with that his family.

  5. Gary is hanging around Walmarts, telling people to stop buying security systems, the guy has lost his mind.

  6. It really pays to have friends in Washington. Gary Gensler Never Sued FTX❗️

  7. Gary Clounsler you going down soon together with your ship SEC with you 100 year old expired laws that has nothing to do with 21century next gen economy you have even no idea whats coming by Q1 2024 and what moves will come against you even from your government and big Crypto firms and do not worry you continue full force war fuds into crypto but you cant move an inch in crypto or even binance.

  8. we all know +/-(5/10/20/30%) of crypto investor's dont understand it, when they ear binance sued they sold… now the same +/- amout of the altcoins investor's , sold and both btc/eth if you compare the market cap lost from theses altcoins went to btc/ eth … maybe… i did not check the amount but human beaveor prediction is easy on this one ! but, i wonder if they grabbed control of xlm /xrp and his helping thoses to have monopoly cuz xlm /xrp lost but recoverd has quickly

  9. 8:50 🙄 woundering if the deal whit XRP was ripple helped the (S.E.C): (Slave Economics Crowd) to regulating and send competion in shambles in echange of a "certain hand on xrp"?

  10. Geniunely curious about what you guys think of this spread for 2025 run.


  11. Can we all just take a moment and be grateful to Gary for giving us this absolutely fire-sale price on the market?

  12. Keep it bear still gotta get my bags 🎒 full dca is the way don't be fooled people crypto is the way

  13. Want to make money? Do the exact opposite of what George says, like buying Cardonzo

  14. And everybody else laughs at any crypto holders… the biggest derivative scam financing the fiat currency called dollar. Don't you ever complain about inflation because you are the ones keeping the dollar afloat.

  15. Лучший канал по криптовалютам что я видел! Ну и девушка конечно ничего себе

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