Altcoins sold off hard within the last few months, which alts are best to pick up?

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0:00 Intro
1:32 Fed Expected To Raise Rates
3:20 $13.6 billion in Ukraine aid
3:57 ConsenSys raises $450M
5:55 Shade on Solana
6:29 BAYC
7:08 FTX NFTs
8:05 IAMGeorge NFT Giveaway Announcement
9:55 Etheruem
11:07 Solana
12:57 Polygon
13:15 Cosmos
13:37 Algorand
14:09 The Sandbox, Decentraland
14:52 Elrond
15:50 Fantom
16:45 Axie
17:32 Theta, Tezos, Helium
18:47 Gala, Pancakeswap
19:27 Harmony, Kucoin Token
19:47 Enjin
20:18 Kusama, Kadena
22:00 Q&A
25:42 IAMGeorge NFT Giveaway
28:00 More Q&A

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  1. Gutted I missed the giveaway, I know that video so Bloody well George… it makes me want to swallow my tongue and scream every time lol… I so would of won one x

  2. Hey you talking about over sold altcoins? Check out GNY lol shit made me a few hundreds when the charts showing a murder scene

  3. Yet another new George-ism! "Out of the woodwork" in place of "Out of the woods". Very unknowingly clever

  4. Airheads 1 & 2: Huh-huh huh-huh-our brains hurt-huh-huh huh-huh

  5. so funny how it pumped up and came right back down during the stream.

  6. Lubin still works for a crypto software company with close ties to ETH. He is also still one of its biggest proponents. Also, why on earth would you call out a specific coin unless you’re feeling a little threatened? Pretty random? Nah. Pretty planned. Way to leave out the meat of the story, We are George. The CNN of crypto channels.

  7. Hunter Biden sat in Ukraine Telecom company, paid 3.6 million dollar/year. So frukkin corrupt!! Now 13 billion going there!? Only in America..

  8. And how are you going to check if the NFT is legit? What stops me from showing another guys NFT? NFT scanner? Lol

  9. Market is not so clear right now and hard to make a decision. Near is however looking good with the recent 100m TX milestone, could see some attention next few months imo. I could be wrong too

  10. As a man in his mid-50s who lived through the days of credit card rate interest rates on the US dollar (IE. 12% to 18% YES on us treasuries and T-Bonds!!!) the early 80s. I strongly recommend everybody read a book by William Greider called Secrets of the Temple and it goes into a LOT of detail on how the Federal Reserve Works in a high interest rate environment. Strongly suggested reading for your listeners George and yourself perhaps

  11. No portfolio is complete without WEYU man, it will introduuce staking together with multichain marketplace this month. Don't miss it.

  12. Con el método del Sr. Stuart Michael, pude acumular $ 12,000 en una semana. Hay más en el sistema de lo que parece, a veces estos videos realmente no ayudan mucho ya que terminan confundiéndolo más. Cuando me encontré con el Sr. Stuart, la confusión terminó. Finalmente supe cómo comerciar y obtener una ganancia adecuada. Si desea invertir en conocimiento y también quiere estar en el lado ganador que tuvo la previsión de hacer lo necesario, entonces el Sr. Stuart es un profesional en el comercio y tiene una excelente manera de hacer que logre lo mejor. Me encanta la consistencia de su estrategia. Él es el único en quien confío, para obtener más ayuda, puede enviarle un correo electrónico a Sé que me lo agradecerás más tarde.

  13. you should definitely look into $WEYU which already started to move due to latest news about marketplace, have a look

  14. I don't always buy crypto, but when i do, I buy high and sell low.

  15. WEYU is launchin cross chain NFT Marketplace this month. Need to buy now, before it is too late

  16. ATOM seems like a promising project to me. I want to buy some with USDT.

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