BITCOIN Going CRAZY Bullish in 2023 (Return of SBF)

Is the bear market finally over? In today’s show, we discuss the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto news. We’ll also analyze the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins so you can make the best investment and trading decisions.

What We Discuss:
-Bitcoin TA
-Twitter and crypto
-BTC cost
-Global economic pain
-SBF returns
-PI listings
-ADA founder news
-XRP news


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All of our videos are strictly personal opinions. Please make sure to do your own research. Never take one person’s opinion for financial guidance. There are multiple strategies and not all strategies fit all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice. Digital Assets are highly volatile and carry a considerable amount of risk. Only use exchanges for trading digital assets. Never keep your entire portfolio on an exchange.

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29 gedachten over “BITCOIN Going CRAZY Bullish in 2023 (Return of SBF)”

  1. Ben always lightens the mood of the world's tragedies and brightens the day. Thanks edfartasz

  2. Dude the edvardis rant is without a doubt the best ever Ben!

  3. 19:26 some people dont understand brand
    bitboy is too big of a brand
    to just talk about whatever

  4. Ben, I appreciate you as you are genuine, however, lay off attacking people's intelligence. People are people, and there's no shortage of potential arguments to start. They seek to be right even when you've already handed them some truth. They just have a harder time admitting they are wrong. You're starting the year off with a superiority angry vibe. You can more humbly show people the light. I like how much you've grown as a person / channel and it's in the right direction for guiding people for what's best. Be the example you want to see in Crypto, influencers, and global prosperity. Happy new year.

  5. Well, BTC doesn't look very bullish now. But I'm not complaining, I was happy to get more BTC to my OWNR wallet at the beginning of the year!

  6. I have been mining Pi for over 3 years now. Ran a node for testnet for over a year. Got kyc'd and still no mainnet, no listings and no functionality. Very poor communication from the dev team, and full of Ads. Forgive me for not taking Pi too serious anymore. Please look into it some more

  7. Ben & TJ are a married couple who love to disagree with each other lol love the show

  8. I'm so excited that Jinxhacks on the website got it done and generated 1.2btc into my wallet, the time given was precise and I'm glad you never let me down

  9. Lol I'm glad I'm not a Pluto alliance holder. Why didn't Ben just make the newsletter 200$ a month so it's 2400$ value lmao

  10. Yes yes SBF is back to pumping crypto market, only look in Solana for the proof. We buy the Solana much since we know something most don't know yet..

  11. You should be more willing to talk about your past incorrect predictions and not get defensive. People make mistakes but it makes you look weak when you get emotional toward people who call you out on them.

  12. On Resonate pools there are two actors – Issuer and Purchaser. The Issuer can sell his future yield (at a slight discount) in exchange for upfront payment and locking his tokens for the prescribed period. The Purchaser can buy the rights to that future yield. Resonate finance

  13. LOL, $100 a month.. what a joke, the scam starts strong in 2023

  14. Minge was Oprah Winfrey‘s butt hole or vagina on South Park it’s a South Park episode where Oprah Winfrey is spoofed on and her vagina ends up taking over things with her butt hole with a gun minge

  15. I don’t know if he said shut up in a jokingly way or if he said it in a rude way but I say shut up all the time and it’s just being arrogant no nothing not mean you no harm so maybe you’re just overreacting to the shut up I don’t know I’m not there I don’t see your posts is your prerogative absolutely but I don’t know just a thought I said shut up shut up all the time not meeting any harm so but maybe he’s meaning harm you know better than I do

  16. I was thinking maybe if you are more serious and more boring people WILL appreciate your quirky witty sense of humor and want it back so if people complain to you about you being enthusiastic and upbeat then maybe that’s what they should get someone who just does the reports and is bland about it I bet they would want the quirky upbeat BEN back

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