Bitcoin Freefall….The Price We’re Looking to Buy

#Bitcoin has been in freefall the last two days and has pulled back over 7.5%. What’s next for the #crypto market and will Bitcoin bounce soon? We’ll tell you where we’re looking to buy/go long- at what price and also talk about other #altcoins such as Tezos and Chainlink.

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Disclaimer: The information in this video is not financial advice, we are not financial advisors and this information is for entertainment purposes only.

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  2. I've been awaiting for the return of Mr Bear.

    Good video btw

  3. Loving the action in the charts right now. Thanks for your insight as always.

  4. Greatttttttttttttt….. Could BTC visit under 9k?. Maybe a fibo retracement

  5. Currently for bitcoin I believe a correction at this point is very likely if we want a healthy breakthrough to the $10,000 level and above, so yes $9,000 is a good correction level we may reach soon…so now is the perfect time to buy and accumulate irrespective of the bulls being under pressure. The mooning of bitcoin is inevitable and would see the price of bitcoin surpass its all-time highs. What better way than to accumulate your holdings as an investor you should have at least 20 btc in your portfolio before the imminent bull run. That's why I trade daily to multiply my bitcoins using signals provided by a crypto expert named Jacob Morgan and I have been able to accumulate 12 btc since January. His signals are prolific, accurate and easy to implement in your own trade. Jacob can be reached by WhtsApp (+17375293076) or Telegrm (JacobMorgan99) for a better understanding of trading profitably.

  6. It is interesting seeing different techniques being utilized in regards to technical analysis on crypto. Besides this channel, I also watch two others. Great information here and you do a good job of breaking it down.

  7. Excellent content Josh. Best in the biz of providing valuable information

  8. Thank you Josh! Buying the dips in BTC and ETH👍🏼😊

  9. Good level headed commentary. Just what I love about Blockroots.

  10. Leverage trading is a dangerous game… remembee 90% of traders lose money even the pros

  11. Love you guys. Thanks for the knowledge. It's power for those who want to learn & power well deserved at that!

  12. Great analysis ..thank for sharing

  13. Thanks for the short informative videos. Keep packing your bags everyone, we're about to start climbing the mountain.

  14. Good content. Good job Josh.

  15. After viewing this video, I'm not that nervous about the current pull-back. BTC: 1HH2zXijzHZ1NVA9HmfCeL2ZrACS4rNG9E

  16. appreciate the level headed commentary – easy to consume – thanks josh

  17. Thanks! 2 updates with one day in between! Great job! 👍🏻 😄

  18. Great content Josh! Thanks for sharing!

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