Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin $DXY $SPX500 Price Analysis!

laatste update: 06-2022

#bitcoin #crypto #ethereum

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7 gedachten over “Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin $DXY $SPX500 Price Analysis!”

  1. hey great vids! im down 10k so far off following your calls but i know its just short term variance. One recommendation I have would be to sugar coat it a bit for us. Sometimes the truth is scary and no one wants to feel scared when just watching a youtube video unless its about ghosts. So yea plz just sugar coat more if you dont mind thank you tho loving your videos! lots of love from Nigeria

  2. Very genuine gesture with the DM to help people get back any loss, you truly are a gentleman 🙏👍 ..go for $23468. Thank you for your time mate

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