Bitcoin Debate: Max Keiser VS Peter Schiff

Pro-Bitcoin Max Keiser debates anti-Bitcoin, and gold investment advocate, Peter Schiff.

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  1. 217 trillion in debt people. That is the world debt. I have had enough of people telling us to use the fiat currency. We will see who will be the winner in the end.

  2. Its the Blockchain ; the blockchain technology is what is great. NOT BITCOIN. Also, Schiff has pissed me off in other interviews but he is correct here concerning Gold and Silver etc.
    Now, with that said, a crypto currency backed by gold , utilyzing the Blockchain as a decentralized system of managment, that would be great too.
    But right now Bitcoin , backed soley on faith, is just like the useless dollar ( except even more worthless)
    Remember, its the blockchain system that is what is actually what we like about this whole crypto thing. Not some imaginary coin.
    Schiff doesnt hit the point home clearly or frequently enough. And he ends up going around in circles needlessly.

  3. The same argument he has with crypto is the same argument that could be made for GOLD or SILVER. People who buy gold and silver buy it for SPECULATION the same way they buy crypto as speculation. NO merchants are pricing their products in GOLD OR SILVER, the same way they don't in crypto perse but interestingly enough, you CAN buy actual products right now with crypto at some locations and I dont know any that take gold and silver other than contractors/service worker to avoid taxes.

  4. He says "bitcoin has no value to store" but that gold DOES have value to store….how? Its just a chunk of metal, you cant eat it, it cant keep you warm, you cant get ANY of your basic needs met by it. If gold is an asset then bitcoin is also an asset and if gold is not an asset then bitcoin is not an asset – its perposterous to aruge that one is and one is not. Wow Peter – he's an incredibly accomplished man but he is definitely letting his emotions take over his ability to reason. He just HATES bitcoin/crypto on a very deep old brain emotional level.

  5. Peter is clueless. Every negative he made against bitcoin could be applied towards gold, yet btc is much more convenient, rare, and useful.

  6. This debate was in the early days of bitcoins incremental growth. Both in this debate have relatively high IQ's and are insanely credible in what they have to argue… I love how well Max composes himself in this debate vs other public debates covering BTC on youtube. This is a good debate to look back to. In mid-late 2020 its clear which asset class is the real winner. Only time will tell but i am LONG BTC!!!

  7. Schiff doesn't understand why money is valuable, which is pretty ironic considering he's a gold advocate. It's not "trust" or "faith," it's whether the thing is scarce, available, transportable, transferable, divisible, recognizable, hard to counterfeit, durable, etc. Anything that has those properties eventually tends to get used as money. Even promotional party hats that were made in Runescape. Gold has those properties. Silver does too. Bitcoin is programmed to have those properties. What made it special is that its creator solved the problem of making it nigh impossible to counterfeit, which was the issue with previous attempts at this (people could copy the file etc), by creating the blockchain ledger, so every computer tracks who has what. Schiff's arguments fall apart once you see that.

  8. I think Peter Shift needs to get passed that fact that he wasn't "smart" enough that he got in before the layman. That's his real anger towards his unshakable faith in analog gold. He does get it, that's why he does own gold but dosen't want others to own any Bitcoin. Peter Shit's ego is in the way of his admittance to Bitcoin being gold 2.0.

  9. Schiff got owned. He keeps misrepresenting bitcoin as "digital fiat" and "backed by nothing"… I respect him, but he keeps straw manning the opposing argument with a lot of "What ifs" rather discussing *what it is*.

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