12 gedachten over “Bitcoin Cash Mountain Top Dream House Visit. Realestate basic strategy explained. #BCH #BitcoinCash”

  1. I like your video I got 102.6 bch
    My next goal 150 bch

  2. Dogefather, “I’m going to give you an offer that you can’t refuse. Buy BCH.”

  3. Have you considered getting yourself a bodyguard anytime soon. Do you feel completely safe walking around Gold Coast by yourself?

  4. BCH is the cryptocurrency of the people and while BTC maxis and rich people might be blind to its value, BCH affords everyone all over the world the hope of abundance. And by taking the power back from centralized banksters, the hope of true human sovereignty. It is the best form of peer to peer electronic cash. Fast transactions, cheap fees. It will be the currency of the future and for those who believe now, it will turn into a spaceship that takes them to the stars beyond the moon 👊🛸✨

  5. Didn't Goldman Sachs run up bitcoin cash, not Elon?

  6. When will be worth more then it is lol 😂 where’s the price action

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