30 gedachten over “Bitcoin Cash Ecosystem $750M investment secured. Realestate developers moving into BCH! #BTC #BCH”

  1. Hello, future millionaires!
    I have about 55 BCH now. Gonna put in about 50 more in a few days.
    How many BCH do you have?
    Let's all get back to this chat in a few years and have a small chat party! 😀 <3

  2. I'm holding bch too now it's value is low but soon i know it will rise again.

  3. We all bought some BCH 🎉BITCOINCASH BCH BEST CHOICE 💸 Gtrz Dave from Holland

  4. His back and stronger … this journey is gonna be great fellow millionaires

  5. Have the same… No money… It better start going up again….

  6. I lost 2% of my BCH, which I had subscribed to BCHUP @ Binance. I'll subscribe again, maybe next week, to see if I can get that 2% back with some more leverage!

  7. I'm adding BCH in my wallet everyday because of the BCH powered platforms like noisecash and readcash.. We are still gainers..

  8. I definitely have more. Can you explain what exactly is going on in the market right now? It’s obvious FUD, but why? Who or what is trying to buy in at a very low price. This all looks very coordinated to me.

  9. Man i bought 8 Bch for $1k each know it's $500 and my legs are shaking

  10. I’m still adding – especially this weekend. Hoping to balance out over the next

  11. Bitcoin Cash is the future, it is the real peer to peer electronic transaction system 💎

  12. Almost 3BCH at the moment and will keep saving more BCH for the future. And yes, I have a little more than 4 days ago. Wish I have more cash though to accumulate more BCH. Awesome update btw!

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