20 gedachten over “Bitcoin cash”

  1. classic cup and handle formation when she blows look for 10 grand on this one! looks like etherum classic late 2020 right now!

  2. In a rising tide all boats float higher. Those times you referred to that they spiked are directly correlating with Bitcoins halving cycle. Bitcoin will run again late 24 early 25 in that Rising tide all the boats will float higher. Look at some of Bitcoin cycle charts it's every 4 years we are coming out of the bear season into the season of consolidation the next time they cut the miners in half it'll cause a supply and demand issue and we will run up like we do every 4 years

  3. This coin went from $700 to now it’s at $126 I don’t think he was completely right😬

  4. Why do I see all time highs of $9500 on Coinbase, and you’re seeing $4500? What platform is that on?

  5. Lol whoever took ur advice got rektd. Bitcoin cash is trash

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