6 gedachten over “Bitcoin Cash @ $1k is like BUYING Real Estate FOR FREE! SunshineCoastSpecial #BTC #BCH #BitcoinCash”

  1. Love sunshine more than Gold coast. Very racist however, when I lived there. But beautiful place took my mind else where

  2. I'm sorry I've been slowly learning Boss & Friend. Plzzzz use me. I know I can be an asset!!

  3. Slow, stable adoption is fantastic for BCH, the market will greatly reflect these changes in the future. People will learn how revolutionary this could be

  4. Bitcoin Cash at < $1000 is a huge bargain .. 
    wish I had cash to buy more BCH

  5. Is there a BCH group or telegram? I’m only just getting into this dip, wanting to know more? How much should I be adding right now?

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